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How to get bar stools

Start the day in a comfortable breakfast bar chair or end the evening with a drink on a sleek bar stool. At a kitchen island, high dining table, a bar, or in the office. One thing for sure, we have one to suit your style. We have different bar stool designs: with or without backrest, footrests, foldable (to save space), and adjustable in height.

Bar stools for home or office

Bar stools can no longer be found only in the cafe. But also at the counter, at a breakfast bar, outside at a bar table, or inside at the dining area. With a bar stool, you take everything to a higher level. Most bar stools are adjustable in height and have a footrest, a backrest, or a bucket seat so that you can sit comfortably at the table. Or the bar of course. The seat height of the get bar stool should be approximately 30 cm lower than the height of the bar table.

A bar stool for every living style

With a bar stool, you bring the coziness of the pub home. Quickly finish breakfast or hang out endlessly on the kitchen island, bar stools suit every situation. Adjustable bar stools fit under any surface such as a breakfast bar, kitchen island, or high countertop. Do you have a narrow kitchen? Then you can still create a nice sitting area with a bar table and accompanying bar chairs. Folding bar stools can also be useful. We have a bar stool for every living style, for example, our black get bar stools, which go with everything.

Buy bar stools with the right seat height

Calculated the correct seat height? Then view our range of get bar stools in different seat heights!

  • Bar stools seat height  48 cm 
  • Bar stools seat height  73 cm
  • Bar stools seat height  80 cm
  • Bar stools seat height  60 cm
  • Bar stools seat height  74 cm
  • Bar stools seat height  81 cm
  • Bar stools seat height 64 cm
  • Bar stools seat height  75 cm
  • Bar stools seat height  82 cm
  • Bar stools seat height 65 cm
  • Bar stools seat height  76 cm
  • Bar stools seat height  83 cm
  • Bar stools seat height 66 cm
  • Bar stools seat height  77 cm
  • Bar stools seat height  85 cm
  • Bar stools seat height  67 cm
  • Bar stools seat height  78 cm
  • Bar stools seat height  91 cm
  • Bar stools seat height  70 cm
  • Bar stools seat height  79 cm

 Is your ideal seat height not listed? Then you can always contact us. We are happy to help you find the perfect bar stool!

Maximum width of bar stools

Do you want to determine how many bar stools you can fit? You should take into account space of 60 cm per person to be able to sit comfortably at a bar.

Design bar stools for in and around the house

Bar stools require little space and contribute to an informal atmosphere. This makes them not only suitable for at home, in the kitchen, on your cooking island and bar, but also ideal for the summer in the garden during a summer evening barbecue at a standing table, for example. Also, take a look at our special outdoor illuminated bar tables from Moree. get bar stool

Modern bar stools for business and catering use

DesignOnline24 is the regular supplier for business and catering entrepreneurs who want to distinguish themselves. The situations for which you can use these fixed bar stools or adjustable bar stools include canteens, reception receptions, stands at trade fairs, restaurants, and of course cafes. In fact, anywhere that temporary or permanent extra seating and standing space need to be realized. The barstools in the price range up to € 150 are in most cases only suitable for private use or light business use such as at trade fairs and stands, but not for intensive use such as in the catering industry, public areas, and shops. For this, we have a special collection of, among others, the design brands SCAB Design, Magis, 24Designs, and Pedrali, but also custom-made barstools which we can upholster especially with leather and in the desired color.

Many possibilities with bar stools from DesignOnline24

Bar stools and bar stools with backrests and without backrests made of metal or with an aluminum base. The aluminum bar stools in particular can often also be used outdoors. This is useful for an outdoor bar, like bar stools at a standing table on the terrace or if the bar stool is used at a beach pavilion. The steel bar stools have a very strong frame and are therefore suitable as bar stools for outdoor use. If you opt for a type of bar stool that is upholstered with artificial leather or fabric, these products are still very robust and shock-resistant. For use at a snack bar or cafeteria, the all-aluminum bar stools are a good option. The bar stools with a plastic shell are also well suited there. When purchasing your bar stools, think about what you think is beautiful, but also whether your guests and friends can sit comfortably on them. After all, the purchase must last for many years, so a good choice is of the utmost importance. In any case, we have a suitable bar stool for every location or moment.

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