How to Free up Space on Android Phones without Deleting Apps?

Android phones have become so much more than just a phone these days. You can easily perform any task on your 5G smartphones like gaming, streaming, and much more. But to perform multiple tasks, you need to store apps and other files which can let you achieve that. And to store apps and necessary files, you need to have a wide storage space.  

You can find mobile phones with a decent storage space, but if you run out of space then it becomes a bit difficult to enjoy the mobile phone experience to the fullest. If you are out of space but can’t delete anything then what would you do? Well just stick around and find out.  

Clear Cache 

The best way to clear up space without deleting anything is to just clear the cache of your phone. Cached data are basically files, images, scripts, and multimedia which gets stored on your device once you visit a website or open an app for the first time. This then reduces load time by letting your phone quickly gather information about the websites or apps every time revisited. 

The cache of your Android phones or other computing devices does not need to be cleaned frequently. But it is good to clean it after an interval of time. It is really helpful in cleaning space for other stuff you need to store on your phone.  

To clean the cache of your phone simply go to the settings of your phone and find the memory and storage tab. When you open it, you will see the cache option. Click on the cache and you can delete the cache right from there and recover some storage space.  

There are people who are under the impression that clearing cache data will delete some of their data, like pictures and other multimedia. But it is absolutely false. Clearing cache will not delete any of your data which is saved on your device and in your gallery. 

It only clears the thumbnail images information, which is used to help you navigate quickly through the websites, without taking too much time to load the thumbnails. But once you revisit the website, it will again get stored in your cache. Sometimes the files in your cached data can become corrupt and may cause the performance of your phone to decrease. So even if you don’t need extra space, it is recommended that you clean your cached data after a few weeks. 

Store Pictures Online 

Everyone has a Google Gmail account these days. Google provides you a number of great services and features, which can really be helpful for you guys. One of them is the freedom to store your data online with online drives and photo services.

Google has Google drive with which you can sync your data, so it can get saved on the online cloud or Google drive. Once your data is saved on the drive or online, then you can access it anywhere and on any device by just signing into your account.  

If you have saved your data and files on the online drive, then you don’t need to have an extra backup on your phone and you can delete it from there. This can help you get some extra storage space which you are lacking.  

Some Useful Tips 

In addition to this, you can also do few other things to get some extra storage space which you need. You can buy a new memory card with more storage, so you can get a huge storage space to store everything in a carefree manner. Another thing you can do is to checkout your downloads folder because there you will find many files, which you are not even interested in. You can delete the unnecessary downloads which are occupying your phone’s storage space. 

Final Word 

These were some of the great tips to free up some space on your Android phones, without even deleting any files.

You should go for a mobile phone with huge storage space or at least the one which supports external storage, so you can enhance by adding new SD cards in the equation. So, if you are looking to buy 5G smartphones with wide storage space, then make sure to visit OPPO Store and avail the best mobile phone deals.  

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