How to Fix Brother Printer Error TS-02?

Users have had a better printing experience since the introduction of Brother printer. These printers are used by millions of people to print high-quality prints. Although Brother printers are generally less problematic than Brother printers, the TS-02 error may still occur.

Users may experience difficulties using the Brother printer. This is usually caused by the printer not being able to recognize the WLAN access point. Brother printer error TS-2 can be caused by a malfunctioning router.

It could also be due to faulty cables. These wires should be replaced and the router restarted. This solution can sometimes be used to resolve printing issues with the Brother printer. Reset the wireless router access point. This will allow you to re-establish the wireless connection to the printer. To eliminate the problem, restart your router. If these solutions fail, you can contact the Printer Repair Dubai experts.

Possible causes of the Brother Printer Error (TS-02)

This issue can occur when you connect the Brother printer to another device. This Brother printer error TS-2 can be caused by a variety of factors. This connection problem can often be caused by corrupted or damaged Windows system files. Another reason for this Brother printer error is incomplete printer installation. Even if you have incompatible printer software, it can still lead to a TS02 error.

The printer will not detect the router if there are missing or corrupted system file entries. This issue may also occur if the hardware has been removed. It can be difficult to identify the cause of Brother printer error TS02.

Simple Solutions to Repair Brother Printer Errors TS-02

Are you wondering why the Brother printer error message TS-02 appears on your screen? The WLAN point/router cannot access the printer’s IP address. Users get the “connection lost” message. This is why it is crucial to have a reliable router in order to resolve the problem.

Connect the router’s cables to the correct port. Contact the internet service provider if you experience poor Wi-Fi signal strength. Verify that the wireless router has been turned on properly.

Next, hold down the “WLAN” button on the Brother printer for several seconds. If the printer displays the error message, check that it is not. These troubleshooting steps will help you to fix a TS02 error message.

Start by checking the WLAN connection

The WLAN report will show the status of the wireless connection if it fails. You can also check the status and connectivity of your wireless connection from there. To view the WLAN report, first go to the menu button. Next, use the up/down keys to access “Print Reports”. After that, search for “WLAN Report” in the list.

Once you have found it, tap on the icon with the up- and down arrow keys. To print the WLAN report, press the “Yes” button. Navigate to the “connection section” of the WLAN report. If it shows “OK”, then the printer is connected to WiFi. If it shows “error:TS-02”, you should unplug the WLAN access point/router.

After waiting at least 8-10 seconds you can reconnect the plugs. Turn on your router and connect it to the printer. The error message will not appear on the printer screen. If Brother printer error TS02 appears, please contact Printer Repair Dubai experts.

Uninstall and reinstall the printer driver

Incompatible or corrupt printer drivers may cause conflicts with the WLAN router. These drivers can be uninstalled to fix the Brother printers error code TS-02. Install compatible printer drivers, and then set up Wi-Fi again. Do you know how to uninstall Brother printers drivers? Turn off your printer and then go to the Start menu and open “Control Panel”.

Next, go to “Hardware and Sound”, and then tap on “Devices and Printers”. You can see the Brother printer model right there. Right-click the correct model number and choose “Remove Device” in the dropdown menu. When the “User Account Control” window opens, enter the correct password. After that, make sure you tap the “Yes” button.

Navigate to “Fax”, then click on the “Drivers and Printers” tab. In some Brother printer models, you will see “Microsoft XPS Document Writer”, instead of “Fax”. Tap on this section and select “Print server properties”. You will need to navigate to the Brother printer’s Drivers tab. Select “Change Driver Settings” to select the correct driver model number.

What other tasks are needed?

A window will open on your screen. Click “Remove” to remove the driver and package. To complete the driver removal process, click “OK” and follow the instructions. Go to the Brother’s website and look for the search button.

Click on “Download” and enter the model number of your Brother printer. Wait for the latest Brother printer drivers to be installed on your device. Connect the printer to the router or WLAM point. The Brother printer error code TS-02 will not display.

Alternate Ways to Fix Brother Printer Error: TS-02

If none of the solutions above worked, you can uninstall the printer program. Have you enabled MAC filtering on the WLAN access point/router Check that the Brother printer’s MAC address isn’t included in the blacklist. It is possible that you have already added the printer’s MAC address to the blacklist. The Brother printer cannot connect to the WLAN access point/router.

You can remove the Brother printer’s network address by going to Network Configuration. This will fix the Brother printer’s TS-02 error. If that fails to resolve the problem, it could be because you have given incorrect SSID or security information. You can use the printer by entering the correct Wi-Fi credentials.

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