How To Decorate Wine Bottle Quilling Cards.


Wine Bottle Quilling is one of the most delightful crafts for kids.

It involves the use of a special fabric, or paper for that matter. To make a bottle which contains a story, cartoon, or other design on it.

The bottles can be decorated in many ways. Will thus act as the canvas upon which the child’s imagination will work.

For instance, a bottle which has Mickey Mouse on it will act as the canvas for the birthday party of a child who loves Mickey Mouse. Or that bottle which has a rose on it will be used to celebrate the birth of the Queen.

Before starting out with your quilling, make sure that you have all the materials ready. Check the scissors and glue along with the ball of cardstock, which will be your quilling surface.

You should also prepare a good craft glue and a pair of scissors, which you will use to cut the paper into strips, each one four inches by four inches.

For the last two strips, make sure that you have already placed them in a tray. That way you will have a better chance of cutting them perfectly.

Now that you have prepared all these things, it is now time to start with the quilling. Take an open-heart shaped bottle, or anything which can easily hold a story within it, and draw a face around it.

When you are done with this step, you will notice that a picture will form right at the corner of the bottle. This is where you would need to sew the card onto the bottle so that it looks like the story is trapped inside it.

For the next step, quilling a bottle which has a hole in the neck, you will need a ruler, some chalk, and black paint. First of all, draw a straight line on the surface of the bottle with the chalk.

Then, put the marker onto the hole and make marks on the surface of the bottle with the chalk.

After marking, press the chalk into the hole. It is important to make sure that the lines are straight so that the ink would not smudge out.

Next, draw a line underneath the bottle so that it would appear as if the whole bottle is free standing. y

ou should then add three more lines onto this line to represent the neck. After this, it is time for you to cut the paper into four equal squares. These squares would represent the bottles’ surface.

After cutting the paper into squares, you would need to glue all these squares together with the help of glue stick.

Now comes the interesting part: the actual quilling. T

o make it look better, it would be better if you use the front side of the square as the paper’s front. In addition, it would also help if you make your quilling look like a coin.

In order to make the actual quilling, it would be better if you would draw a straight line down the center of the square that represents the neck of the bottle.

Then, make a parallel line in the same manner but this time, it would be down one side of the bottle instead of the other.

You can add a little bit of shading on the areas that you have drawn if you want to bring out the details in the design.

For the last step, you would have to make two creases on the square that you have just made and attach it onto the adjacent square.

Once you have completed your design, you can start gluing the entire thing onto the bottle using the glue stick that you have used earlier.

To help you achieve the best wine bottle quilling possible, there are some things that you need to remember.

For example, if you have to make a larger one, you can always use two or more bottles for the same quilling project.

You should also make sure that your design is straight and correctly aligned.

Do not forget to apply a little bit of varnish to your bottle so that you will be able to see your work.

In addition, do not forget to let your bottle dry overnight so that you will be able to use it in the morning for your craft projects.

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