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How to Clean Upholstery

Cleaning upholstery may seem like a daunting task, but it’s actually quite simple. You don’t need a lot of tools and cleaning products to make your furniture shine. Just dust, wash, and mop and you’ll have clean, shiny furniture that will smell great for a long time.


No matter how often you use your upholstered furniture, it will accumulate dust. If the dust is not removed, it will harden and become even harder to remove. Sometimes it can even create permanent stains on the fabric. Therefore, it is advisable to remove the dust regularly. Once a month, you should take the time to dust your furniture.

First, use a soft brush to remove the dirt from the fabric. Once the fabric is free of lint, you can dust more thoroughly with a vacuum cleaner. Attach the appropriate nozzle and vacuum the entire piece of furniture. Make sure there is no dust in the crevices. Vacuum the furniture once a week to keep the upholstery in the best possible condition.


Most fabrics come with a care label and can, in most cases, be shampooed and cleaned at home. Whether you use a commercial furniture shampoo or make your own detergent mixture, you should first test the liquid on a small area. A small stain on the back or bottom of the furniture is ideal. If the fabric is discolored after applying the product and allowing it to dry naturally, you should stop the cleaning process. In this case, it is advisable to contact a professional and trusted sofa cleaner in North Sydney to avoid damaging the furniture.

Once the upholstered furniture appears to be clean after applying the liquid, you can start cleaning the other furniture. Apply the liquid to the furniture with a sponge and wipe it off with a clean, slightly damp cloth. For stubborn stains, leave it on longer to penetrate the fabric. Wipe dry. Allow the furniture to dry completely before placing the cushions. A fan or air conditioner can be used to speed up the drying process.

Cleaning leather upholstery

Leather is different from other fabrics. It requires a different type of cleaner: a mild, moisturizing soap. After mixing it with water, wash the leather thoroughly with a soft cloth and dry it. Focus on areas where your body touches the sofa, such as the armrests and headrests. It is best to use distilled water, as the chlorine in tap water will not discolor your leather furniture. Don’t forget to polish the leather with a clean white cloth to restore its shine. Upholstered leather should only be cleaned twice a year.

In addition to cleaning your furniture, it is also advisable to protect it from harmful elements such as heat and light. You can also use protective covers for your furniture if you have pets or if your home is frequently visited.

Taking care of your upholstered furniture will benefit you in the long run. It removes allergens from your home and can extend the life of your furniture by years. Plus, who wouldn’t want to improve the look and smell of their furniture?

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