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How To Choose Modern Coffee Tables?

From warm wood tones to cold metal hues, the material, colour, and style with the vast number of options in modern coffee tables can help you create the feel and look you desire for your living room.

When shopping for a coffee table, consider how you plan to use it, where you will place it, and you will incorporate it into the rest of your décor. With this in mind, here are a few tips on how to choose modern coffee tables:


When looking at various coffee table designs, consider what you need from your table. Do you want your coffee table to perform a dual function, i.e., dinner table and desk? If so, consider a lift-top coffee table. For something that provides storage space, a storage coffee table is ideal, as is one with drawers, shelves, and flip tops. These types of tables can help you stack your books, magazines, remote controls, etc. If you have small children at home, consider a table with rounded edges. How you plan to use your coffee table will help you narrow down your selection.


The type of material your modern coffee table is made from will determine its durability.

Tables made from natural materials such as stone, marble, and wood are excellent for family rooms. However, stone and marble tops may be harder to maintain if you have small kids. Wooden coffee tables instantly add warmth to your space but are susceptible to damage from heat and moisture, and scratches. But by placing a coaster or table mat, you can prevent/minimize many issues.

Tables made from artificial materials such as acrylic, glass, metal, and rattan are popular tabletops. Look for special finishes or coatings such as hydrophobic to help you maintain the look of your coffee table.


Where you will place the coffee table will sometimes determine its shape. In an ample, square-shaped space, sofas are square-shaped. Therefore a rectangular-shaped coffee table would compliment this space. Exotic shapes like triangles or hexagons fit well into small spaces, particularly with oddly shaped furnishings. Round and oval-shaped tables can fit anywhere and look especially smart when paired with a modern sectional sofa.


Your new modern coffee table should complement the existing furniture in your space. Look for a table that’s consistent with your current décor. It doesn’t have to match entirely. Even if the colour or shape resembles elements in the living room, it will fit in.


Coffee tables are available in numerous sizes, ranging from small and delicate to large and multi-functional pieces. Consider the size of your living room as well as of the items within it. It helps to take measurements before you begin your search so that you’re sure your new coffee table will fit in well.

A coffee table is more than a place to rest your morning coffee or glass of water. It can help you express your design style. Consider how you want to use your table and the size, style, and material before making a final choice.

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