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How To Attract Customers In Real Estate Business?

It is a dream come true for many of us. It brings us peace and harmony, and real estate is a great investment. As the famous author Mark Twain put it:

       Buy land. They are not doing well.

Becoming a real estate agent means you are selling more than just real estate, you are selling your dreams. While this is a good feeling, it is not always easy to reach customers in the home area. To make this easier, you need to find the best marketing strategy to attract more customers. Before doing so, you need to know the building industry standard that can help you work harder.

# 1-Use Google Advertising to Advertise on Google For Real Estate

Over the past decade, our world has grown in terms of technological advancement, and real estate has not fallen behind. According to data from The Digital House Hunt, 90% of homebuyers start using Google. Similarly, searches related to the real estate industry have increased by 253% in recent years.

Since Google’s organic search results are highly competitive, your first plan for attracting customers should be to use Google Advertising. This will allow you to use a simple but successful method: pay-per-click to support your ads and original results on Google.

Google Ads is ideal for home sellers because it allows you to place your ads for a local audience, which will be discussed in more detail later. Follow these simple steps to effectively use Google Advertising to get more customers with less money.

  • Create campaigns using geo-targeted: Like any real store, you should always keep “location, location and location” in mind. No matter how good your ads are, if they don’t get in the right place, they won’t be as successful. From the Google Advertising area, you can focus your ads on defined areas where you can find real customers, where you limit them to areas where you cannot find real customers.

Keep in mind this type of device: 89% of new home buyers use mobile devices for initial testing, so it is important to keep this in mind to promote your ads. For example, it is best to include a phone number that can click on your ad so users can contact you.

  • Create a beautiful print: Your ad text and content that will make the first impression and the right customers should be creative and aesthetically pleasing. While writing compelling content for an ad is not always easy, the results are always useful. But what is real media? Simply put, he is content! For good content, you must do three things:
  1. Identify the needs of the target audience
  2. Concentrate on them and speak their language
  3. Acknowledge and demonstrate your worth
  • Use well-defined keywords: After considering who you want to reach through your ads, you will use keywords to write your group out of the reach of the wrong people. Why? Because you pay for clicks. To reduce the risk, please use the right keywords and phrases to get the right traffic for the ads on your website, for example:


  1. Two bedroom apartment for sale in downtown Portland
  2. Cheap town houses for sale in Hillsboro
  3. Best house representatives in Portland

As home sellers, online competition between giants like Zillow and Trulia is fierce. By avoiding verbal cues, you can get out of the competition. If you use snare terms, you will be in a very competitive team and you will not attract customers the way you want.

# 2 – Create high quality video

Making a video about your property will help you stay neutral with your competitors and connect with your customers instantly. According to sites like @InternetWtihSabih, although 61% of homebuyers think video is valuable, only 11% of sellers use home video to promote their home when they are looking for a better home.

To get the best results by using this app, create short and easy videos to attract the viewer’s attention. Shorter and better directed.

Become a celebrity by creating high quality content as well as engaging content to make potential customers interested in what you want to say. It is common to see videos that have a lot of information. While this may seem practical, it confuses the audience and drives them away. Do not repeat those mistakes!

Divide your content into different videos and make sure that each video has a general theme.

Customers want to know you so that they can evaluate whether you are the right person to guide them in buying what may be the most important thing in their life. Life story videos are a great opportunity to do this.

According to Alice Soon, Pillar’s ​​marketing manager at Post Home Inspectors, brand experience is really the way customers live and gain your experience as well as the impact it feels on your relationship with them. Through an introductory video, you can make your representative an integral part of the client’s home buying process.

Use video time to identify who you are, your background, certification, fulfillment, sales report, information, etc. Think of it as your opportunity to connect with customers on a personal level.

When the audience can hear your voice and see your face, they will feel more interactive than you and your brand. In fact, it is very important that the search on YouTube as “finding a representative” is increasing by 46% every year.

Create a real promotional video that showcases the positive stories of customers who have a happy experience with you purchasing property.

This type of recommendation may prove to be a better choice than any written survey, because it may verify the veracity of the person conducting the survey. This video will help your customers identify the experiences they can expect while working with you based on the experience of real customers.

Showing a happy and satisfied customer is one of the best ways to promote your business. Obviously, you won’t force your customers to speak up, but if you manage to establish a good professional relationship with a customer who is satisfied with their results, you can ask them if they are willing to help you.

Prepare some questions, show their good experience, and show potential customers why they should choose you.

Ask questions such as “Why did you choose me as your agent when buying a new home”? “How does your experience work with me?” and “How did I help you find your home?” These questions will cause the testimonial to convey the message you want them to convey, making the video easier to avoid long or have unnecessary information.

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