How Long is a Badminton Court – A Full Informative Guide

The most frequently asked question by novices is about what are dimensions of a badminton court, how long a badminton court is, and the net height. The short answer to the dimensions of the Court is a rectangular measure which is 20′ wide by 44′ long. The rules of the Court in badminton apply to all indoor play surfaces and dimensions. The reason for this is that bad weather can hinder the motion of equipment when playing outdoors.

What are the rules of badminton court?

The section contains a helpful regulation list of court sizes as well as court lines and boundaries. In the event of competitive games, rain or wind can be an issue. It can interfere with naturally occurring flight patterns of the cork’s featherweight shuttle. This is the reason that every competitive badminton match takes place on a court that regulate. The players must play on an indoor court surface for any elite or professional tournaments. BWF badminton court rules give complete control for the equipment required for playing shuttle games. The Court must have two upright posts on the Court to play in a competitive match. The size of the fixed network is less than that of volleyball rules. However, the height of the badminton net surpasses the nets that are in the tennis rules.

How long is a badminton court?

The total Court’s width measures 6.1 meters (20 ft), and in singles, the length is decreased by 5.18 meters (17 feet). The whole Court’s length is 13.4 meters (44 ft.). In addition, how long is the typical badminton net? The net of badminton is located across between the courts, dividing each side into two equal segments. Each section measures 22 feet by 17 feet across for one-on-one matches and 22 feet long and 20 feet broad for doubles matches. One might also wonder how large is the badminton court by square meters? The length is restricted to 44 feet or 13.4 meters. Each of the yellow or white lines, which mark the boundaries of the Court, needs to be at a precise 40 millimetres in length.

Thus, the total playing area of the Court is 880 square feet. Or 81.74 sq meters. For singles matches, the Court’s dimensions differ slightly. Altered. Badminton nets span the whole length of the Court (20 inches | 6.1 meters) and are positioned over the double sides regardless of whether singles matches are played. Nets are 5’1″ | 1.55 meters high on the edges, and it sags slightly in the centre, with a total height of 5′ 1.52 1.52 meters. How much is the net’s size in a badminton court? The height of the official shuttle net is 1.55 meters tall (5 foot 1 in) at the edges that are outside. They should have it at 1,524 meters in height (5 inches) in the middle section. Two upright posts that place on top of the doubles’ sidelines help to support the net.

Badminton court size in feet and meters 

So, what’s the Court’s size measure in sq feet? BWF court rules stipulate that it should be 44 feet wide by 17 feet for an individual game (that’s roughly 13.4 per 5.2 millimetres). A double’s match play on a court of 44 feet wide by twenty feet in width (approximately 13.4 per 6.3 meters). The Court should equip with two lines of sidelines. The Court’s inner measurements will use for one-rule competitions. For games of doubles will play with the sidelines that are on the outside. In other words, said, the outer lines are used for images and are not available for one-on-one games. Three additional court lines utilize for the control of boundaries. They use when you serve your opponent’s shuttle. These lines are in effect for helping the shuttle and are not tied to any individual rallies.

Badminton net height

  • A net for badminton should always place in the middle of the courts.
  • It divides the pitch into two halves on each side.
  • The net should stretch tightly (not let it slack) between the two posts that are fixed to the outside of the Court.
  • Badminton net size must have a maximum of 5 (5) feet in height at the top of the hill (approximately 1.52 meters) and should hang vertically.
  • The size of the net for the shuttlecock should be able to divide two halves across the entire width of the Court.
  • The Court’s painted or marked lines must be visible and apparent.
  • All court lines for badminton should be the same shade (white as a general rule).

What is a badminton court size in feet?

There’s a minimum area of surface area that needs for fast playing. The Court must be at minimum 1620 sq ft. The total length of a badminton court is 13.4 metres (44 feet) by 6.3 metres wide (20 feet). The diagonal size of the court surface totals 14.366 metres.

How high is a badminton net?

The height of the official shuttle net finds at 1.55 Meters tall (5 feet and 1/8 inch) at the outer edges. Thus, the net should measure 1,524 meters in height (5 inches) in the centre area. Two upright posts positioned on top of the doubles sidelines help to support the net.

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