How Java programming has set new benchmarks

Java is a distributed form of a technology and sun Micro systems has formulated a set of rules for Java. These were implemented by Java Inc of USA in the year 1990. The original name of Java was OAK that is the name of a tree. Come the year 1995, the name of OAK was reversed and converted to Java that happens to be a coffee seed name. There were three categories of Java that was released and if you plan to do my Java homework you will have an idea about the same.

The benefits of Java

Java is simple

Java tends to be simple because of the following factors

  • It would be free from pointers, as we may achieve less development time along with low execution time. When we are writing a JAVA program we would be doing without pointers and at an internal level it is converted to an equivalent pointer program.
  • A superior set of API would be necessary to develop a complex application
  • The software of Java programming is known to incorporated with a program known as garbage collector that would be collecting unreferenced memory locations. This is going to enhance the performance of a Java program to a reasonable extent.
  • It is known to formulate an user friendly syntax to develop independent applications.

Java works out to be platform independent

A technology or program tends to be platform dependent if it is operational on all the available platforms. Some of the languages have gone on to develop platform independent languages as the operating system is available in the form of a format. Once we writing C or C++ on any platform Unix would be understanding everything that is going to be in a negative linking format.Java programming is a portable language that is operational on all relevant platforms or be it all architectural irrespective of their providers

For a language like Java it would be having a series of common memory space or data space that is operational on all operating systems as the Java software would be containing special programs that would be converting the format of one operating system on to the other.

Java tends to be portable

Java is a portable language that is operational on all relevant platforms. Or be it all architectural irrespective of their providers. For example the languages like C or C ++ is rated to be non portable . And on the other hand the language of Java is a portable one.

To sum up things Java appears to be a distributed source . That would be operational on multiple servers and N number of clients can access it on the globe. So as to develop distributed applications, there is a requirement of an architecture known as a trusted network architecture. So as to develop them we need a technologies in the form of J2EE. Such type of applications are preferred by large organizations.

Any network tends to be unused if there would exist N number of interconnected non- autonomous architecture. An untrusted source of network is also referred to as the LAN.

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