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How is Shopify Product Customizer Apps transforming eCommerce?

eCommerce has turned into a blessing for us. Billions of people use online platforms to shop or book products and services. Though the industry is progressing rapidly, it is not untouched by challenges and concerns. Shopify product customizer apps have emerged as solutions for problems haunting the industry. 

After using product customizer Shopify apps, many eCommerce businesses were able to get great results. The industry has found a reliable solution for cart abandonment and returns. Recent studies show that the eCom businesses that use Shopify product customizer apps can lower their returns significantly.

Today we will discuss some of the benefits of using product customizer Shopify apps on your eCommerce store. It will help us understand how such apps can transform the eCommerce industry by providing concrete solutions.

What is a Shopify product customizer app?

If you own a Shopify store or know how these stores work, you might have heard about extensions or apps. These Shopify apps help to offer extra functionalities to your store thus, enhancing the user experience.

Product customizer Shopify apps are similar extensions that help your users customize the product on your store. It enables the users to get the products with exact specifications thus, reducing the chances of returns or cancellations significantly.

There are many pre-built Shopify product customizer apps available for you on the Shopify app store. Zepto Product Personalizer, Teeinblue Product Personalizer, Angle 3D Configurator, and Zakeke Visual Customizer are some prominent examples. 

You can also choose to build a custom product customizer app for your store by hiring a Shopify development agency. These apps help your customers choose the exact size, color, composition, and more for the best value for their money.

How do Shopify product customised apps benefit your Business?

  • Help to lower the cart abandonment rate

The high cart abandonment rate is one of the prominent issues for the eCommerce industry. Customers often abandon their shopping carts before making any purchase. Though there can be multiple reasons, the product customised Shopify app can help you overcome this concern.

Customers know that the products in the shopping cart are the best match for their requirements. Moreover, customers are more unlikely to drop the idea of buying the products that they had customized themselves.

  • Overcome the challenges of returns

Returns and order cancellations are big problems that the eCommerce industry faces. They not only bring down the sale figures but also need expenses for return shipping. A product customizer app can turn into a perfect solution for it.

The most common reason for product return is mismatching the specifications. Your customers can order what they want using the Product customizer Shopify app. It will also prevent your guesswork as you know what you need to deliver.

  • Enhance the buying experience of the user

Buying experience of your customers will play a vital role in determining the success of your store. If you fail to deliver a good buying experience, your customer may not return. Product customizer tools help build trust and loyalty with a good experience for the user.

Users will love how you offer the option to specify the exact requirements through the customizer app. It is your responsibility to ensure that the products are the same as the specifications mentioned by the users. It will help you build a long-term relationship with them.

  • Persuade the users to pay more

The Shopify product customizer app can help to persuade the users to pay more for the products. You can charge extra money for the modifications customers wish to have in the products. Studies show that customers will be happy to pay up to 20% more for personalized or exclusive products.

The customer will also be happy to pay more for the extra service they get to make their order as per their expectations. It will help you increase the profit margins, thus leading your business on the right track to success.

  • Help to overcome competition and increase sales

Having a product customizer Shopify app on your store will help you overcome the competition. The users will prefer your store as they can customize products for the best value for the money they pay. These product customizer tools offer a competitive edge to make the path of your success much easier.

You can also get more sales as customers are more likely to return to your store for the next purchase. They will also recommend your store to other users thus, increasing your customer base.


These were some ways in which Shopify product customizer apps can transform your eCommerce business. If you are willing to establish a unique brand, it is good to work on a custom product customizer Shopify app. You can get a custom product customiser for your business by hiring the services of any reputed Shopify development agency. If you are still wondering whether to use product customizers or not, it is the right time to act.


I am a Shopify app developer, with more than 3+ years of professional experience in Shopify app development services at the leading app development company The Brihaspati Infotech – providing Woocommerce development in India, and Shopify product customizer app development.

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