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How can I use the DVD Rental program of Netflix?

Netflix comes with two different services where one being an online streaming platform that you can access via Other is DVD rental program through where you will get DVDs through the mail. This DVD program comes with TV Shows and movies that aren’t available via their streaming service.

You can watch both Blu-rays and DVDs, you will need to pay once a month and there are two plans to choose from. It depends on the number of discs you want to be able to borrow for the first to use the DVD Rental program of Netflix. The Blu-rays and DVDs from Netflix will be delivered to you in 1-3 business days. The return policy is also simple through the mail.

Quick Ways for DVD Netflix Sign Up

If you have already subscribed to the Netflix streaming service, you will need to move ahead with the below-given steps

Existing Users

  • First of all, go to the DVD Netflix and access your Netflix details
  • Select Add DVD Plan and choose the plan which you want to subscribe to
  • Ensure that you have chosen the Blu-ray option from the bottom if you want to watch Blu-ray videos
  • There you have to select Get Started and enter the shipping details and choose Start to use the DVD Rental program of Netflix

For New Users

If you don’t have a Netflix account yet, then move ahead with the steps mentioned below-

  • First and foremost, go to DVD Netflix and Join for a free month
  • Choose the desired plan and choose “Yes, I want to include Blu-ray” appears at the bottom
  • Choose to Get Started and enter the email address, choose a password, and choose Continue

Strong Password Instances

  • Enter the shipping details and then press the Continue option
  • Enter the payment information, and then choose Start Membership

How can I choose DVDs?

Netflix sends the DVDs based on the history which you have on the personal queue. You will receive the DVD in that way they are arranged within the queue. When you have returned the DVD, you will receive on the list is send and more.

From Computer

  • Choose Add to Queue from DVD Netflix depends on the screen which you are looking at appears on the DVD you want
  • To add an entire season of the TV show and choose the season which you want to rent and select Add to Queue
  • You can find titles by navigating by the name, genre, or people. There is a Browse menu to locate famous new releases, movies, and top 100 titles of Netflix
  • Open the queue through the QUEUE menu that appears at the top of the site to manage the DVDs. There you can adjust the order by pulling the titles up and down
  • Delete an item by hovering the mouse on it and after that, choose the Trash icon

With Mobile App

Mobile users can control the DVD Netflix queue as well to use the DVD Rental program of Netflix. Tap on the Plus + icon to add a TV show or movie to the queue list. Also, use the disc icon that appears at the top right to edit the order to remove DVDs.

These steps will work excellently to rent a DVD program on Netflix

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