Here’s how the Credit Card bill payment BillDesk helps you online

The BillDesk platform helps you manage your bills, pay them online, and organize them all in one place. All of the bills a customer receives from different providers can be reviewed, paid, and received together in one place using BillDesk. In this article all information about credit card bill payment bill desk.

The credit card bill payment bill desk can lower processing costs, improve bill presentation, offer customers the option of making online payments, and improve customer service for billers and banks.

How BilDesk can help you 

India’s metropolises and banks use the BillDesk platform widely. Businesses in telecommunications, insurance, utilities, financial services, education, entertainment, charities, and e-commerce fall into this category. The platform easily links up to a majority of mobile and online credit card bill payment bill desk

BillDesk helped Indians who were using paper checks and paper bills to use a safer and easier method of making payments. In India, if you have a business that requires regular monthly payments from clients, you can use BillDesk to make it easy and convenient for them to pay.

How it works 

BillDesk makes it easy to make payments. Paying your credit cards bills is now a breeze with BillDesk. As bills get generated, you will find it easier to pay them in one place through BillDesk. BillDesk saves you the time and hassle of standing in lines or mailing cheques when making payments. Saving time and money is possible with online payments.

Making a payment

  • Visit the official BilDesk website.
  • You will be prompted for your e-mail address and bank account details.
  • Set up your payee or biller details. BillDesk will verify the biller information you enter to make sure it is accurate.
  • You will receive a BillDesk notification for each time your biller generates a bill. There are options for choosing a payment amount, the date you wish to withdraw the funds, and your bank account.
  • Your instructions will be processed by BillDesk so that the payment can be processed. It is debited from your bank account, and you will receive an e-mail confirmation.
  • BillDesk can save up to one year’s worth of credit card payment information on the previously made payments.

Acquiring started on BillDesk

The process begins with completing the registration form, submitting a Payment Authorization Form, and providing your bank account details. If you want to verify the MICR Code, you should also attach a photocopy of your cheque or canceled cheque. Following the submission of all required documentation, you will be able to add billers and make payments.

BillDesk and credit card payments 

Generally, you will need to provide basic information about yourself when creating an account with BillDesk. Once you have created your account, you can add billers, just as you would add them through net banking. You get notified upon adding billers whenever your biller generates a bill, and you can pay all or one of your bills using the BillDesk account.

  • To pay your HDFC Bank or SBI credit card bill, please visit the BillDesk website 
  • Credit card number for HDFC Bank
  • To ensure your credit card data is secure, you need to enter it again
  • (Not mandatory) Enter your e-mail address.
  • If you wish to make a payment, enter the amount
  • Click the “Pay” button after choosing the bank account you would like to use to make the payment
  • A One-time Password (OTP) goes to the registered mobile number you entered on BillDesk when you sign in.

Counting your bank account to BillDesk

If you would like to use BillDesk’s credit card payment services, you can add any of your existing bank accounts. If your bank account has a MICR code, it should be nine digits long. At the bottom of your check, you can find a Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) Code.

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