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Guide to Host a Successful Virtual Trade Show

The idea of hosting an immersive virtual trade show in itself sounds exciting. Traditionally, organizing a trade show event used to be quite a task with extra expenses and less assurity to return on investment. Not just this, but it also requires countless arrangements of various resources to make the most out of an event. However, shifting to the virtual world of the events industry has helped the organizers combat every challenge and difficulty. Also, a virtual trade show event provides the users with a global reach, enhancing the success prospects of your event.

All in all, hosting a virtual trade show comes with countless advantages and benefits, enabling you to maximize profits and minimize expenses.

In this blog, we have curated the top steps to help you host a successful virtual trade show event.

8 Steps to Hosting a Successful Virtual Trade Show

#1 Determine the Focus and Objective of Your Event

Predetermining the focus and goal of your virtual trade show event is very significant to ensure a smooth run of the event.

Deciding on the aims and goals of your event will not only facilitate you with assistance during the event but also ensure a seamless event flow. Hence, circumscribe your goals and the subset of the same for your virtual trade show event. Consider all the essential aspects while determining your event focus and all the necessary questions you must ask yourself to get a precise perception of your aims. Following are some example questions:

  • How extensive is the target audience?
  • The engagement tools you require at the event.
  • Sponsorship features you wish to add to the event.
  • What is the budget for the trade show event?
  • What are the different sessions you want to include in the trade show?
  • How do you want to promote and market your virtual trade show event?

#2 Plan the Structure of Your Event

Planning the formation and flow of your trade show event is another crucial step that can ensure the smooth execution of your event. A predetermined flow of your virtual event will assist you with proper supervision during the event and help you sidestep any probable errors or mistakes. Also, a planned trade show event structure will enable you to ensure that you don’t miss out on the planning of any vital aspect.

#3 Choose a Suitable 3D Virtual Trade Show Platform

Choosing the most relevant virtual trade show platform is the next important step in the process of organizing a thriving trade show event. An effective trade show platform gives you various top-notch tools and features that can effortlessly intensify the success prospects of your virtual trade show event. Pick the virtual trade show technology that fits the best with your event objectives. Mentioned below are some of the top features presented by an advanced Virtual Trade Show Service:

  • Highly Customizable Virtual Venue
  • Captivating Exhibit Booths
  • Immersive 360-Degree 3D Environment
  • Countless Interactive Features
  • Top-Notch Engagement Opportunities
  • Efficient Networking Tools

#3 Include Quality Multi-Format Content

Content has always been something that rules any format of the event. The type of content you include in the event can either break or make your virtual trade show event. Hence, make sure you present the most suitable content to your event participants. From the landscape & design of your online event venue to the presentations and documents you share with the participants throughout the event, ensure the quality of everything. It is so because the quality of the content influences the satisfaction of your attendees, which further determines the success of your online event.

#4 Formulate an Effective Event Agenda

As we shift to the virtual format of hosting events, it becomes vital to understand that your attendees have a minimized attention span. That is why it is essential to ensure that you don’t tire up your participants by running long event sessions. Planning an adequate trade show event agenda is an important step as this also defines the efficacy of your overall online trade show. While framing the event agenda and scheduling the trade show event, make sure you incorporate proper breaks throughout the event to ensure that your participants don’t have a tedious trade show event experience.

#5 Include Excellent Networking and Interactive Opportunities

Networking and interactive tools are the two most vital requirements of your attendees at a virtual trade show platform. They look ahead to creating leads and enhancing their reach on a global level. Also, networking and interactive elements at any online event can keep your participants engaged in the event. Therefore, present far-reaching networking features to your remote attendees at the trade show event. Mentioned below are some of the most beneficial features and tools provided by an advanced trade show platform:

  • Multi-Format Communication
  • AI Matchmaking
  • Live Q&A Sessions
  • Virtual Networking Tables
  • B2B Meeting Schedulers
  • Business Card Exchange
  • Networking Lounges
  • Advanced Search Filters
  • Live Polls, Contests, Trivia

#6 Render Extensive Engagement Features

There are countless ways to make your 3D virtual trade show event more engaging and enthralling for your remote participants. Keeping your audience engaged is one amongst the most essential features of an online trade show event. Mentioned below are some of the top tools to keep your remote participants engaged and enticed in the event:

  • Gamification
  • Captivating Booths
  • Virtual Scavenger Hunt
  • Photo Booth
  • On-Event Announcements
  • Signature Wall
  • Social Wall

#7 Collaborate with Valuable Sponsorships

Sponsorship is another requisite component at any event, be it an on-site or an online event. As we move to a virtual event, the opportunity to bring valuable sponsors on board widens up. Therefore, add more value to your event by making use of this aspect. Sponsorship content at any event can also be an effective way to keep your attendees engaged.

#8 Analyze the Event-Data and Analytics

An exceptional and efficient virtual trade show platform also renders you with relevant & valuable event data that can benefit you in different ways. From the features like attendee poll reactions and feedback to their registration data and complete event footprints, everything is made available by a virtual event platform. Event analytics also presents you with a more comprehensive insight into your online trade show. All in all, you can use this data not only to analyze the efficacy of your event but also to assist you in planning your future events.

Bring all these steps together to host a triumphant 3D Virtual Trade Show Event.

Looking forth to hosting a matchless virtual event? Get in touch with a top virtual trade show platform and book a demo today.

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