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Frequently Asked Questions About Athena Medical Software

athena medical records, as a developer of practice management software, and electronic medical record software, offers solutions for all types of medical practices. Small clinics to extensive hospital settings can optimize their practice with athena electronic medical records. 

Through a cloud-based solution, athena medical software provides clients with a complete suite of solutions that can remotely handle revenue cycle management, patient interaction, network support, and medical records.  

FAQs About athena Medical Software 

How many modules does athena offer? 

athena offers five modules that perform several functions efficiently. 

  • athenaclinicals: It is a premier EMR platform for medical offices that helps them increase efficiency by optimizing various time-consuming processes. 
  • athenacollector: It provides a cloud-based practice management solution that aids in the improvement of administrative workflow. 
  • athenacommunicator allows you to communicate with other practitioners and patients. 
  • athenacoordinator: It simplifies the process of transmitting orders and sharing information. 
  • athenaclarity enables you to accomplish financial and operational management activities efficiently. 

What distinguishes athena from the competitors in the market? 

This question is a great approach to see if athena is the perfect EMR for your needs. The top features include: 

Online Patient Portal 

One of the most popular features of the athena medical software package is the ability for practices to create a dynamic patient portal allowing patients to access information. One of the advantages of using this portal is that it enables patients and doctors to establish more vital contact. As a result, providers can focus on patients care instead of administrative responsibilities that the portal handles efficiently. 

Patients can access their treatment plans and medication lists through this portal and provide information about their medical history to help clinicians provide better care. 

Streamlined Documentation 

Documenting patient visits is one of the most time-consuming and labor-intensive aspects of being a medical practitioner. Doctors find manual labor challenging, which is why athena electronic medical record software steps in to make the entire procedure simple to document. 

Not only can you input information remotely and utilize synced devices with athena, but you can also process hard copies of papers and upload them to the patient documentation chart. 

Electronic Prescription 

The athena e-Prescription feature allows you to order lab tests and create prescriptions. A pop-up screen shows active prescription requests, allowing you to refill, terminate, or add new medications to the list. In addition, the technology flags any potential interactions or allergic reactions based on a patient’s existing data. Then, you can send the prescription directly to the patient’s chosen pharmacy, streamlining the process. 

How does athena medical software help with medical billing? 

athena medical billing software is a cutting-edge solution that automates the entire billing process for your clinic. With athena billing software, you may automate manual billing procedures such as checking patients’ insurance, processing and submitting claims, transferring cash, and following up on denied claims.  

Overall, the presence of billing tools ensures any medical practice’s success. While billing can be complex and intricate, athena billing software can help you automate the process and enhance your workflow efficiency. 

The athena billing system assists in the transition of billing to the digital realm and ensures optimization of your financial tasks. In addition, the software monitors the entire procedure remotely and electronically to guarantee there are no errors. 

What types of specialist clinics does athena collaborate with? 

Athena medical software can operate with any type of practice, whether a solo setup or a large corporation. athena has collaborated with over a hundred different specialized practices in the period it has been available. 

Practices that have used athena have utilized it in various specialist care settings. The software is versatile enough to serve clinics in government-certified health centers, labs, imagining centers, obstetrics, gastrointestinal, primary care, and small new enterprises. 

How much does the athena electronic medical records software cost?  

Medical offices of all sizes can afford the athena medical record software. The system is offered for a monthly cost that includes no contract or set-up fees and the worry of software maintenance and updates.  

Although multiple pricing choices are available for different types of providers, and you can start the athena plan for each program user for $140 per month. 

What do current users say about athena medical software? 

More than 160,000 providers use athena to improve their workflow. In addition, most healthcare providers on several websites have reviewed the program. The average user rating for athena is 3.74/5. 


According to reviewers, the athena software is straightforward to access and use. The athena billing system helps reduce the problems they were experiencing in their previous financial management. In addition, the user interface is known for providing advanced features, and critics appreciate. How adaptable the features are to work with virtually any clinic. 


On the other hand, several reviews remark that the automated approach might be challenging to explain to senior individuals. In addition, there are minor lags and downtimes in several of the practices. Finally, some users state that the setup process is arduous but that the effort is worthwhile once they discover the software’s advantages. 

How long does it take to implement athena medical software?  

athena medical software provides one of the shortest implementation services, with roughly a month turnaround time. Athena tailors the system to your practice’s needs, including creating bespoke templates for clinical and administrative tasks and implementing essential connectors. 

Throughout the implementation process, you will be assigned a detailed account manager who will be your direct point of contact for technical support. Even after deployment, the account manager remains connected to your practice. 

Concluding Thoughts 

athena electronic medical record software is a leading EMR software that can help you improve your clinical, administrative, and financial workflow. The integrated solution offers EMR, practice management, and revenue cycle management software. The numerous features make clinical and administrative chores easier to manage. Overall, the software is adaptable and straightforward, requiring little training. 

Overall, because it is a low-cost, easy-to-use, cloud-based EMR solution that is straightforward to set up and good. At what it does, athena medical software is one of the top suggestions for small practice EMR systems. 


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