Five Cheap And Fun Baby Activities

Five Cheap And Fun Baby Activities

Soon the baby was trembling. It often allows “little things” to respond and interact with them. And most are low cost, if not free. With this in mind, here are five simple and inexpensive baby activities that are sure to be a bright moment in your Baby’s Day – and yours too! Five cheap and fun baby activities

Tear paper (ages 1 to 3)

Maybe you like the sound of that torn or the satisfaction of creating any lasting change, but kids love tearing up paper. So empty your magazine or mailbox recycling box – when you see a happy smile on your baby’s face when he cries, you no longer think of confusion. See Paper Games for Toddlers. Learn Vocabulary Words That Start With D For Kids

See a dog (0 to 3 years old)

You can take your child to the zoo, but don’t be surprised if he falls asleep or prefers a fountain over an orangutan. Instead, try parking where he can see the dogs playing. It’s less stressful and just as appealing, and the cost is cheaper. Strictly adhere to good puppy safety habits. You can carry your baby in your arms or in a baby cradle to watch pets and pets (with permission).

Playing with light (0 to 3 years old)

Turn off the lights, close the shutters, hold the flashlight and walk on the floor with your child for a light show. Dancing beams of light on the ceiling and walls to see them with the baby. Older babies may like to hold the lamp themselves (but you shouldn’t be surprised if she puts everything she does into her mouth). Don’t let him roll his eyes directly – or, in that case, your eyes.

Eat differently (6 months to 2 years)

To change the rhythm, set up a baby high chair in the yard or on the porch, and in between bites, let him throw food wherever he wants. He will have the impression that he has won the lottery! Not enough space to make at home? Don’t worry – bring a booster chair to the garden and sit on the grass. Add some foam to it, and you have the perfect recipe to have fun.

Go to a disco (0 to 3 years old)

In your living room, of course. Wear your favorite music and dance with your baby in your arms. She will be in seventh heaven because she can enjoy three of her favorite things at once: music, bounce, and intimacy.

Explosive game

* When you change your baby, blow on his stomach and back: light air first, then a roaring storm. Lift your cheeks, so your baby smiles, and he wants to do the same soon!

* Blow gently on his face (kids love this feeling), and ask him to imitate you.

* Young children quickly understand how to drink from the grass. They immediately realized that you could use this drink inhaler to direct your breathing very precisely: place some feathers, a ping-pong ball, or a cotton ball on the table, which the child should rotate—blowing in the grass. Keep looking for new items and invite all family members to participate in this fun game. You can increase the difficulty by aiming at the box.

* Dissolve a little washing powder in water in a bowl. The child creates the real magic of a group of soap bubbles by blowing with the grass!

* Extinguishing candles is one of the most exciting “blast games”! If at the end of the candlelight party you can help in this task, the child will be filled.

* Make soap bubbles and train children to follow them with their eyes, hold, crush on the floor, explode with a fork, swing a piece of cardboard, and push it.

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