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Few Important Facts About Shower Baths

Shower baths are a preferred type of bath in the UK. These combine the dual functionality of bath and shower into a single unit. That solves many problems for the people in trouble due to difficulty in choosing between a bathtub or shower. They can get this where there will be no need to spend more money or space for installing separate utilities. 

Shower Baths UKBathtubs have been around for centuries. There has been a lot of innovation in design and style over time. The use of new materials like acrylics and plastic has made them economical enough that every household can install them. In modern times bathtubs are available in various shapes and designs. From single-ended to double-ended, straight to shower bathtubs, there are plenty of choices that require you to think a lot about your choice before getting any further. 

In this article, we are going to explain information about shower bathtubs.

What does It mean by Shower Bathtubs?

The shower baths are simply a type of bathtubs that combine both shower and bath functionality into a single unit. In comparison to a standard bathtub, these have more depth and space available. Perhaps, the purpose of designing them as spacious as possible is to make them feasible for a shower as well. That’s why these have a shower installation at the other end. So, you can enjoy a shower whenever you want to. In some designs, you have extra space available at that end, making it comfortable or luxurious to have a shower as well. 

Shower BathsWhy Do You Need Shower Baths?

The need for shower baths comes from the need to save people from facing the problem of making a choice between showers or baths. In recent times, the popularity of showers has grown. However, bathtubs have long been part of our healthy life routine, and many people don’t want to lose them too. On the other, they don’t have money and space for both amenities. Therefore, they are faced with a unique problem, either to keep a shower or bath. Manufacturers came up with a unique solution to this problem. If you are not into an enclosure installation then, it may be worthwhile to look at shower baths as it is not just a bathtub but provides a suitable space to take a shower as well. 

Different Styles of Shower Baths.

If you have already decided about the shower baths UK, then you will come across various styles listed as follows.

  • Straight Shower bath tub

    These are simple straight baths with extra depth and width that allow you to convert one side of it into the shower. You will just need to install a shower kit on the other side. These fit along the wall just like a standard bath. You will also need panels to cover all open sides. These are suitable for small spaces where you don’t have much room for other shapes. It usually happens when you are trying to replace a bathtub with a newer shower bathtub. 

  • L shaped Shower bathtub

    As it is clear from the name, its shape resembles with alphabet L. that means you will have one side like straight while another wider end. This wider side can be converted into a shower area. It will offer you a luxurious and spacious bath experience. In addition to the shower screen at the shower side, It will look great and become a centre of attention in the bathroom. It is a perfect fit for medium to large bathrooms and will best install along the wall. 

  • P shaped Shower bathtub

    Another popular style resembles with alphabet p. When you look at it, you will come to know that the round side is perfect for the shower area, where you can take a perfect shower. While on the other side, you can use it for the bath. It is also a great option for anyone looking for an aesthetically pleasing modern design

Are You Looking for Perfect Shower Baths?

In this article, we have provided you with important information about Shower Baths. By going through the information above, it will be easier for you to make the right choice. At Royal Bathrooms online store in the UK, we have everything available that you will need for a bathroom makeover. You can visit our website to place an order with us.

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