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Expert Tips to Buy Quality Comforters for Your Loved Ones!

A sound sleep leads to a productive day at work, apart from a good mattress, a nice blanket or quilt is also necessary. Quilts are good for keeping you warm at night but are too heavy to cover yourself. A double bed comforter is not a quilt but is a thick and fluffy blanket, which is used to keep you warm in winters. Winter nights in north India are so extreme that it requires a warm blanket to get a sound sleep. Quilts are one way to feel the warmness, but they are so heavy to bear. Comforters have this quality of getting you warm and feel light in weight. They add aesthetics too, a comforter blanket comes in different colours and prints, which enhances the bedroom with luxury decor.

There are 15-16 types of comforters available. But, in India you will find Microfiber, polyester, cotton, wool, down, silk according to the warmth it provides in different states. A bedsheet with a comforter is available for both day and night. For chilled winter nights, the blanket is not enough and leads to a sleepless night. You can sleep peacefully if you have a bed comforter. It will never let you feel too hot and cold. A quilt which is a tradition in India is usually feels hot in the mid of the night. Instead, preferring cotton comforter will never feel so.

a) Cotton: Cotton is a widely used material not only in India but all over the world in comforters. It is soft and smooth such that lets you sleep comfortably. Cotton comforters absorb sweat in summers and let you sleep comfortably. In winters, it retains your heat and let you feel warm, so that you can sleep comfortably. It comes in different prints, which complements your bedroom as it is layered on the bedsheet, it should match with the pillows.

b) Polyester: A single bed comforter is a budget-friendly choice to survive in winters, but if you are looking for summer then it will be a big no. It is soft and has insulin quality but is not breathable. People who sweat much, should not use this. But, it never loses its shape even after long use. Any stain can be removed with a wet cloth, maintenance is easy. But, one should never buy 100% polyester.

c) Microfiber: They are artificial fabrics made in laboratories. Microfiber is a fine fibre that is lightweight, strong, and breathable. Such fabrics are woven tightly that is repellent to stains. Even, after being washed it dries so fast and is found to be the most durable fabric of all. After all, this, if we look at the cost, it is quite expensive. But, you will never get disappointed, as it is a great investment.

The filling of comforters is microfiber, it will usually be found in cotton and polyester. Which is best? GSM is grams per square – the measure that counts the polyester amount in the comforters. A double bed comforter is thicker, so is warmer, if the GSM is higher. For winters, the GSM count should be between 220-280 gsm and 80-120 gsm for summers. When you visit the store, you will find queen and king-size comforters for every requirement.

How much should be the weight of the double bed comforter? For regular use, it varies from 1000 grams to 3000 grams. A lightweight comforter is best for sound sleep. Microfiber is best in terms of weight due to tightly woven fibres.

A bedsheet with a comforter requires maintenance too. In summers or whenever you are not using comforters, should be kept so that no damage can spoil them. It needs to be protected from dust, webs, and bugs, for that keep in plastic with vacuums. So, that any kind of dirt cannot damage them.

Cotton comforters are prone to moulds, whenever they are kept stored. Make sure they are dried properly and only then are stored. Try to avoid air contact, so that it does not retain any kind of smell.

Trendy colours are available in king size comforters that spruce your bedroom in no time. For, cotton comforters’ prints are available and in polyester comforters, illuminating colours will take your eye and you will resist buying.

The above points are the standards to purchase comforters. One should consider it before buying it. A comforter is the necessary item one requires for daily survival in summers and winters. So, why not invest in it, when you are getting it for a long time.

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