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Easy Tips for escaping an escape room?

So you find yourself locked in an escape room? Don’t panic! There are ways out of this situation.

Here are some tips that might help you get out.

1) The easiest way to get out is to walk up to the door and pull on the handle.

If it opens, congratulations! You’re free to go. However, if it doesn’t, don’t give up hope yet! Perhaps there is another way out.

2) Check for keys left lying around the room –

The game master may be playing tricks on you or perhaps they have simply forgotten where they placed them!

Do check under cushions/behind objects though – who knows what creepy crawly things live there…

3) Look carefully for visual clues that might lead you to a solution.

Use all your senses. A locked door will have a keyhole, certain objects might be out of place or there could even be a draft coming from somewhere.

Obviously, if it’s an outside room check for any open windows!

4) Don’t give up if the riddles/clues given by the game master don’t make sense right now.

It will all come together in time. One small piece of information can unlock everything so keep thinking about it and putting pieces together!

5) Need some quiet time to think?

Ask the game master politely for some alone time and they may just let you have a bit of it.

If not, pretend you haven’t quite found an item yet and simply wait for them to leave the room!

6) Seek help from your friends if you are stuck.

Sometimes another perspective on a problem is all that’s needed. This can be done with or without permission from the game master.

If they refuse, play dumb, go outside and send one of your friends in after you have hidden!

7) If you absolutely cannot find an exit, make one!

Check for any tools or materials left lying around and use them to break down a wall if needed.

This might be difficult without permission from the game master but they might also turn a blind eye if you’re desperately searching for something!

However, if items are bolted down this could cause damage to the property, or they’re simply might not be anything useful to you, in which case it is best to remain calm and wait.

8) If all else fails, pretend to give up! This might be difficult for some but it can definitely pay off. Act like you don’t care anymore and eventually the game master will let their guard down and open the door for you.

However, please note that this strategy is highly frowned upon by escape room enthusiasts so if handled incorrectly could land you in hot water!

9) This should only be used in an absolute emergency, but if nothing has worked up to this point then treat the room like a bathroom break!

Wait until they aren’t looking at you then make your way to the door whilst trying not to alert them.

If there are other players in the room, perhaps you can convince them to ‘go with you and it’ll look like a bit of teamwork.

Once you have your escape plan in motion, improvise a distraction!

Yell out that you saw a mouse/spider/snake etc… It might not fool the game master for long but it can give you just enough time to make a run for it.

10) Try everything you can think of before resorting to this as it is highly frowned upon and could result in severe punishment from the game master.

If none of the above options work then there is always the last resort – start dismantling anything and everything around you!

Smash lights, take apart furniture, remove screws from doors or even snap off parts of window panes to use as a glass breaking tool!

Damage to property will be on the game master so stick to destroying things that they won’t be too emotionally attached to.

As you can see, there are many options for your escape plan but the only way to figure out what works best is to try everything!

You never know what could lead you out of the room until you’ve tried it so don’t let the game master dishearten you with hints and riddles.

Get stuck right in and give yourself plenty of time for experimenting – if all else fails then play dumb!

The game master may think that’s exactly what you’re doing but hopefully, by this point, they’ll be tired of their job and will allow you to leave without any fuss.

Don’t forget though – the longer you spend inside, definitely more difficult it becomes!

Be very wary if you’re behind schedule and you may not be able to get out at all!


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