Creating a Successful Machine Learning Program

Setting Training as a Priority

Westin had a data analyst on her team who was interested in machine learning and had coding skills and a strong understanding of the data. She relieved him of some of his existing responsibilities, allowing him to enrol in classes and begin experimenting with machine learning. “It didn’t happen quickly, and it took a lot of trial and error, but we finally got our first data scientist.” It wasn’t finding someone who was interested in machine learning or attempting to secure money that was the most difficult element of the skill development process, she added, but rather providing existing staff time and space. ” (data science course Malaysia)

As a manager, I had to keep reminding myself that he needed to be able to experiment, which meant finding out which deadlines could and couldn’t be move.” Determine when to augment or fill gaps by working with vendors or adding staff while developing staff resources and building the programme.

Developing Skills (data science course Malaysia)

Not everyone will require the same level of instruction. Offer internal and external training opportunities that can be target at certain audiences. For example, analysts or developers, and involve your stakeholders when appropriate, she said, for the best results. Another internal candidate was an engineer who could recognise features and develop models, but she lacked the necessary business context and knowledge of FINRA data. External trainings were not the answer in this case. There was a building next door with a lot of stakeholders, according to Serafin:

“Involving your stakeholders opens up a whole new universe for you.” They may offer a lot of training and insights into not only the data, but also identification, feedback, and validation that your approach to the problem is sound.”


Although effective tools are crucial, Westin believes that talents must come first. “A confused individual with a decent instrument is not especially useful,” Serafin adds. Even a qualified data scientist using an incompatible technology, though, can quickly run into problems. When choose the tool to employ within your organisation, keep in mind the kind, volume, and type of data. Look for current tools that can be use for machine learning if purchasing new tools is not an option. “You don’t need to pay top money on a gleaming Cadillac when a secondhand automobile can get you where you need to go,” she explained.

Increase Stakeholder Participation

Serafin believes that skills and tools are insufficient. The importance of stakeholder participation cannot be overstated. Some FINRA stakeholders were already familiar with machine learning, eager to try it out, and could quickly articulate additional benefits, which helped support the case for funding a formalised programme. Stakeholders urged that machine learning be used to solve real-world problems like keeping up with the volatile stock market.


An annual ‘hack-a-thon’ event was another forum that provided a suitable setting for training and mentoring. The event got so popular that it was rename the ‘Create-a-thon’ and opened up to the entire corporation. The topic for 2018 was “AI-Ready,” which encouraged attendees to try out artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. “Offering training and classes in all aspects of machine learning in the lead up to the event provided a tremendous opportunity to gain buy-in and sponsorship from the business.”

Although Serafin claimed that a particular event isn’t required, it provided a venue for demonstrating real-world applications. In 2018, almost 500 people from 57 different teams worked on six distinct business issues. According to Westin, the number of participants in 2019 approached 600, resulting in a plethora of useful ideas, the majority of which had working prototypes. Create-a-thon initiatives are still being incorporate into the R&D pipeline over a year later, supporting the flow of ideas and encouraging creativity.

Achievable, valuable, and transformative

Achievable, valuable, and transformative are three words that come to mind when thinking about this project.
“As your team creates more ideas and projects, you’ll need to develop a strategy for prioritising and evaluating them,” Serafin added. Experiment with prototypes to tackle current problems using machine learning, focusing on concepts that are gradually achievable. Chat bots, for example, can help call centres save time by addressing popular questions.

She explained that the human component isn’t go; it’s just been refocus on more complex tasks. The Create-a-Thon has grown into a year-round formal R&D Analytics programme staffed by managers, data engineers, data scientists, and subject matter experts. The team meets on a regular basis to share ideas, review proposals, and prioritise them. FINRA seeks proposals that are feasible, beneficial, and have the ability to alter the organisation. It’s critical to make sure that success metrics align with the company’s values and objectives.

Experimentation Leads to Innovation

The technique of drilling for oil was utilise by Westin as a metaphor. For example, for how they innovate through trial and error. Management is supportive of a trial-and-error approach. It encourages employees to submit a slew of rapid, low-cost ideas without fear of failure in an experimental setting. They select a general area to explore with the purpose of swiftly determining the ideal site to focus their efforts.

If it’s promising, she says, they’ll look into it more or build it up to a larger scale. “The R&D programme promotes an innovative culture and enables for the organic emergence of ideas in addition to [our] normal tasks.” Anyone in the firm can submit new ideas for discussion in this area, which encourages company-wide collaborative experimentation.

Networks of Practice

Communities of practise are groups of people who have a common interest in a subject and a desire to improve their skills by interacting on a regular basis. These communities have matured at FINRA into a venue for exchanging ideas and evaluating machine learning initiatives. Aside from the R&D Analytics programme and communities of practise, FINRA hosts a weekly data science forum that offers a more technical, in-depth look at a topic.

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