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Consumer Perception Related to Online Grocery Shopping

Consumers know it very well how different grocery items are as compared to other household items they usually buy. The major problem factor is the short time period associated with the expiration of the grocery items since they are perishable items. They are sensitive in terms of delivery issues, hence timely delivery is mandatory. Moreover, they are high touched materials, hence most consumers tend to do grocery shopping traditionally in order to check the freshness and quality.

The domination of technology has changed the ways we do grocery shopping rituals, execute major household tasks and follow-up with the schedules. Online grocery stores have taken it to a great level, turning from just a technical trend to a daily necessity for us. Today, traditional retail stores and supermarkets are introducing their own online grocery shopping websites. In order to leverage the brand awareness and introduce the online efficiencies to its consumers.

Online Grocery Shopping
Online Grocery Shopping

Speaking of consumers, they are escalating at a high rate in the upcoming years. Why? Because with increasing reliable online grocery websites that offer exceptional delivery services. Consumers find it more convenient rather than opting for the traditional methods. According to a recent survey, customers opt for the same reliable grocery websites they usually shop from. Some customers for instance find Asanbuy.pk, an online grocery store as a reliable and hassle-free online store for groceries. This is what consumers mostly look for when it comes to online grocery shopping.

Online Grocery Shopping:

Apart from the convenience factor, they look for reliability of the grocery products that are good and fresh in quality. They are up to the mark that can completely satisfy the consumers of what they expect.

Google keyword research plays a critical role in raising the sales bar for online grocery stores. For instance, consumers usually search for ‘best reliable online grocery stores in Karachi’ or ‘online grocery stores’ and many more keywords that gives them the top google search position. Hence, when they search these keywords on the search engine bar, different online grocery stores pop up in their search and they can easily gain access to these online grocery shopping websites. By going through the reviews and customer appreciation posts, people are able to judge and order groceries online from several online grocery stores.

A major reason why consumers are opting for online grocery stores is the convenience that it offers. Those days are almost gone when customers had to cut off their productive hours and go for grocery shopping rituals. Even worse, they have to carry it themselves to their house all the way from the grocery stores and supermarkets. Fuel and energy waste is a bigger concern for grocery consumers when it comes to traditional rituals of grocery shopping. With online grocery shopping, consumers can get their grocery items delivered right at their doorstep. Not just consumers, but grocery retailers and consumers get the benefit of online grocery stores through bulk grocery buying.

Opt For Online Grocery Shopping:

When opting for online grocery shopping, it is mandatory for online retailers to assure only the fresh stock is delivered. Consumers find it super convenient since they don’t have to cut off their productive hours. Just to stand in the long queues of grocery stores and supermarkets. Thus, they can earn and save more at the same time, without sacrificing those precious productive hours.

What mostly attracts grocery consumers towards online grocery store is the offers, deals and seasonal discounts thrown by theses reliable grocery websites. For instance, Eid, Christmas, Black Friday etc. are some of the major discount seasons which online consumers greatly enjoy. Moreover, some of these grocery websites offer permanent deals. Such as free shipping over the purchase of groceries at amount of RS 5000 or more.

There are still a great percentage of consumers that opt for traditional methods due to satisfaction of touch and trust issues due to internet frauds. According to recent research, the perception of consumers varies when it comes to whether opt for online or traditional rituals. But there is one thing is for sure that all these online groceries. Are done by people that comes under the age of 55.

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