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Compelling Reasons Why You Should Head Towards a Business Card Design Company Today!

Without a single percent chance of any probability, digitalization has revolutionized the entire globe. Just look around, digitalization and automation are everywhere and it has completely revolutionized the world in which we are currently living. But the question arises: are business cards design effective in this modern age of LinkedIn? 

Let me lay our eyes on some jaw-dropping facts before diving into the article.

According to a survey, an organization’s overall sales face a boost of 25% on every 2000 business cards handed out. Not only this, prospective customer’s hold on to a colored business card ten times longer than a normal white one. As a matter of fact, a business card has a thousand percent better chance of not getting thrown away if it has a colored background. 

Now that you are familiar with the significance of business cards, let’s understand why you should head towards a business card design company before it’s too late. 

Let’s jump in. 

  • Business Cards are Affordable Way to Promote Your Brand 

Businesses can order bulk business cards for a relatively low cost. The number of cards you print is extremely flexible. Quantity can vary depending upon how many you are likely to use every day. For example, you can increase your order for business cards at a short notice if you are heading to a trade show one month. Also, it is affordable to print for several people with different names, for instance, your sales team. Businesses should place the order to print a plethora of cards to make sure employees are covered for networking events and client meetings. 

  • Business Cards are Awesome for Exhibitions and Events 

Trade shows and exhibitions offer the best opportunity for the promotion of your brand and to build your contact base. Those events are appropriate for making sales and meeting new contacts. People usually go away to ponder whether to buy or take things further. That’s where your business card is invaluable, making sure that they have your contact details should they want to get in touch. 

  • Business Cards are Effortless to Distribute and Display

Business cards are effortless to use and can act as a static display, where people can pick those cards up as they pass by. Make sure that your name, company, and contact information are properly displayed on the card. 

You can exhibit your business card anywhere, such as: 

  • Held in a display holder
  • Pinned on the office noticeboard 
  • Store countertop 
  • Business Cards Help People Remember Your Contact Information 

People can easily forget names, email addresses, and phone numbers. Business cards hold that information in one place so you can remember it long after meeting that certain person. People can also use a business card to create a contact in their work email or phone. That’s a great example of how digital channels and business cards are the perfect companions for each other. 

  • Business Cards for Jobs and Industries 

Without a shadow of any doubt, we human beings are engirdled with smartphones, laptops, and other gadgets. But usually, only a tangible business card will get your back in certain situations, for example, if you are at an exhibition center with rubbish Wi-Fi, or if you are working on the land. Let’s flick through a few more examples. Street Food stalls use business cards as an affordable way to promote their brand within a certain region, electricians and plumbers use business cards to put their names in front of their potential customers so that they can call them in case of an urgent problem, so on and so forth. 


Some other reasons why you should head towards a business card design company are as follow: 

  • Business Cards Leave a Lasting Professional Impression 
  • Pocket-Sized Business Cards are Easy-To-Carry 
  • Business Cards Help Visually Commit Your Brand to Memory 
  • Business Cards are More Visible Than an Email 
  • Something  Business Cards Are Which is Tangible 


The long and short of all the points discussed above are business cards are crucial. Every professional person should have a business card as it provides a plethora of advantages. Professional people, as well as businesses, should not think even twice before heading towards a top-notch business card design company to avail business card design services. Be creative when it comes to business cards. Ask the service providers to incorporate logos, eye-catching colors, and captivating pictures to build a picture of your brand. A well-designed business card is a window into what your business provides and can help commit your business to memory. 

Now I throw the ball to you. Are you looking for a robust and reliable organization that provides business card design services? You will be glad to know that an organization called ArhamSoft Pvt. Ltd provides such services not only in Pakistan but also in other regions of the globe. Are you curious to know more about this fantastic company? Keep the ball rolling. 

ArhamSoft Pvt. Ltd

ArhamSoft Pvt. Ltd is a really famous IT company which builds and refines innovative yet intelligent web solutions. This top-notch company delivers best-in-class web development and marketing services with the help of the Zen approach.  The positive client reviews depict that the organization is the valid symbol of quality work. The company possesses more than 160 experts in different evolving technologies, and it is the skill set of those experts which makes the company stand out. 

On top of that, the company uses the best industry standards to cater to different business challenges, requirements, and interests. They stand ready to build a project to perfection using splendid industry practices & technology stack. The best thing is the company is ISO certified, the premier IT services provider in Pakistan. Not only this, but the company also won the PDA award in 2021, which was an outstanding achievement. 

Here is the list of splendid services that they provide to their potential clients: 

  • Custom mobile application development
  • Information technology outsourcing services (ITO)
  • Web and graphic designing
  • Custom desktop application development
  • Web application development
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Social media marketing (SMM)

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