Common Document Shredding Services And Methods

Document Shredding Services

Shredding is a common way to dispose of documents, but not all shredders are created equal. Daily paperwork may be best handled by the simplest types of equipment. While more sensitive material should have better options available in order to protect it from being read or altered at a later time. If you’re looking into different document shredding services it’s important to know what kinds can handle which jobs so that when your specific needs arise they know how best to help out!

Strip – Cut Shredding

The most common form of document shredding service is strip cutting. This process involves cutting paper into long, parallel strips which can easily be reconstructed to restore documents’ confidentiality if necessary.

Cross – Cut Shredding

The more pieces of paper a cross cut shredder can process, the better. That’s because they are able to break up one sheet into hundreds – approximately 10 times as many–and this makes them much harder for anyone else who may try restoring your documents after you’ve destroyed them!

Particle – Cut Shredding

Micro-cut shredding is a method of document shredding services that uses fine teeth on an electronic machine to grind up paper into tiny particles. This makes it impossible for someone who has your confidential information, like government agencies need when they destroy large volumes. Top secret documents with this type of equipment in order not to have any clues about what was destroyed and how many did so. Which would be against agency policy if discovered by another party!

Pierce And Tear Shredding

The most secure way to destroy documents is with a pierce and tear shredder. These machines have multiple rotating blades that rip paper apart. Quickly reducing it into tiny pieces perfect for destroying sensitive data like credit card numbers or confidential business information from your competitors’ files! Pierce & Tear Shredders are typically found on mobile truck stops where everyone has their own personal device customized by postal service regulations but there are still many businesses out there which choose sturdy industrial machines instead; those will work well whether handling tones at once.

Reasons To Shred Documents

  • Shredding is environmentally friendly

By committing to shredding, you are helping the environment by reducing waste and sacrificing nothing. Each recycled tone of paper fiber saves 17 trees from being cut down in order to make new products like toilet paper that can be found at your local grocery store or drugstore!

  • Trash Is Public Property

Did you know that once your trash reaches the curb, anyone can go through it without interference? Imagine how easy someone could make a fake application in your name and take all sorts of things out for themselves!

  • Source Of Information

Identity theft is a huge problem, and the FBI knows how to solve it. They have recorded data that shows 7% of people in America suffer from identity theft each year!

What Documents To Shred

Since you know how significant destroying is, the time has come to figure out what records to shred. A common guideline is to shred anything with your own data on it. This would incorporate whatever has something like one of the accompanying:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Telephone Number
  • Government backed retirement Number
  • Financial balance Information

This could incorporate everything from ATM receipts, charge card offers, utilized carrier tickets, doctor’s visit expenses, service charges, bank proclamations, resumes, and significantly more.

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