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Cleaning the kitchen area:

Cleaning the kitchen The cooking area is an area where it needs to be sanitary. The kitchen needs to consequently be rejuvenated after each meal so that the following dish can be prepared in a tidy kitchen. Cleansing the kitchen area with a versatile cleanser is also great!

For example, usage of Easycleaner to obtain everything flawlessly clean! Easy Cleaner is offered in our store and also cost-free shipping delivered to consumers in the Netherlands as well as Belgium.

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Once in a while, it is likewise suggested to do a significant cleaning in your kitchen area, in which you not only tidy the oven as well as the counter, however also, for example, clean your oven, fridge, extractor hood, etc.

Just how can you correctly clean up the cooking area without wasting way too much time with it? Are you going to clean the kitchen area with vinegar, soda, or ammonia? Or just tidy the kitchen with an all-purpose cleaner?

Cleansing the refrigerator and fridge freezer

Fridges, as well as fridges freezer, are used intensively by most families and it is as a result vital to keep them tidy.

Just how usually should you clean your fridge as well as how frequently should you clean your fridge freezer? It is best to thaw and also cleanse your refrigerator once a month and also it is best to thaw and also clean your freezer every 6 months.

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To clean up the fridge and freezer, continue as adheres to:

Eliminate all products from the fridge/freezer and briefly store them in cool boxes

Turn off the fridge/freezer totally and await everything to thaw

Get rid of all loose parts of the fridge/freezer such as racks as well as cabinets

Tidy all different parts of the fridge/freezer with a solution of all-round cleaner as well as cozy water

Rinse all different parts of the fridge/freezer with water and also completely dry them with a tea towel

Additionally, tidy the inside including the door of the fridge/freezer with a remedy of versatile cleaner and also warm water

Wash the cloth and also examine the entire inside of the fridge/freezer once more, but this time with regular warm water

Take a dry tea towel as well as dry the whole inside of the fridge/freezer

Do you have a free-standing fridge/freezer? Tidy the grille of the fridge/freezer located at the rear of the appliance yearly, so that the threat of fire is decreased and the fridge/freezer can correctly dissipate all the warmth

Place all loosened parts of the fridge/freezer and all items back in the fridge/freezer

Ultimately, clean the door of the refrigerator/freezer, potentially the sides of the fridge and also deal with the refrigerator/freezer with a service of all-purpose cleaner as well as warm water.

Negative air in the refrigerator?

Do you suffer from a bad scent in the fridge? Possibly there is mold and mildew …? Mold and mildew in the fridge is naturally the last point you want.

It can cause illness as well as besides, it’s just plain unappetizing. In this situation, it might be far better to clean up the refrigerator with Dettol.

This product has a disinfecting result as well as will certainly for that reason cleanse the refrigerator truly well and eliminate the stink. Choose your magnetic knife holder

Cleansing the stove and also microwave

The stove as well as microwave ought to be cleaned extensively after a month. The same applies to a combi stove. There are many different ways to cleanse your oven, microwave, or mix microwave.

The most effective oven cleaner? After that try EasyOven? This product has been particularly developed for this function as well as cleans your oven a whole lot less complicated!


You can cleanse your stove very quickly with a lemon. Initially, run a damp towel with the oven/microwave to get rid of all crumbs and other food residues.

Slice half a lemon and also place it in a stove meal or microwave plate. Do you clean the stove?

Preheat the oven to 200 levels and put the cooking recipe with lemon slices in the preheated oven for 10 mins.

Do you clean the microwave?

Cleaning up the microwave: After that put the microwave plate with lemon slices in the microwave for 2 mins on the greatest setting. After 10 mins (oven) or 2 minutes (microwave), reject the loosened up fat with a microfibre cloth. If the grease does not vanish with a microfibre cloth, you can make use of a combing pad.

Lastly, it is important to allow the oven/microwave to dry thoroughly as well as you can do this by leaving the oven/microwave door open.


A 2nd choice is to clean or tidy your oven/microwave making use of vinegar. First, you should remove all food residues with a wet cloth.

Then placed 150 milliliters of water as well as 4 tablespoons of vinegar in a meal that is suitable for the stove and also a microwave. Do you clean the stove? Place the meal in the oven for half an hour at 100 degrees.

Do you clean the microwave? After that place the dish in the microwave on the greatest setup for 5 mins.

After half an hour (stove) or 5 mins (microwave), brush off all the loosened grease with a microfibre fabric and clean the window on the outside of the oven/microwave with a glass cleanser.

Leave the microwave/oven door open up until the entire inside is completely dry.

By doing this you can cleanse a greatly caked oven. So don’t fail to remember to clean the oven rack well. You can clean up the cooking tray well with baking soft drinks, for example. Don’t forget the stove door!

Cleansing countertops

It is best to clean up the countertop each day. Furthermore, you will certainly need to thoroughly clean the countertop occasionally.

Considering that there are counters of different kinds of products, each product needs its very own therapy.

Cleansing wood countertops

Cleaning up a wooden countertop is easy, but using a hostile cleaner should be prevented.

Timber can be damaged very rapidly by hostile cleaning agents. Just how do you appropriately cleanse a wooden countertop?

First, run a completely dry cloth over the counter to eliminate all crumbs and also food residue. After that, wet a clean towel with mild soapy water as well as tidy your countertop with it.

To remove oil stains from your wooden countertop, dab a percentage of apple cider vinegar on the stain. Other discolorations can be removed with a couple of declines of lemon juice and salt.

Place the decrease of lemon juice on the discolor and also spray with salt. Wait 15 mins and then remove the lemon juice as well as salt with a moist fabric.

Cleaning up plastic countertops

Cleaning up a plastic countertop is really easy. Initially, wipe a damp towel nonprescription to get rid of all crumbs and food residue.

You can that clean your countertop with a special spray for a plastic countertop, dishwashing liquid, or another mild cleaner. Your plastic countertop can be sanitized with white vinegar.

Do you have spots on your plastic kitchen counters? Clean the spots with a great-searching pad (not a steel wool sponge) and lemon juice, meal soap, or a versatile cleanser.

Cleansing a stainless steel countertop is very easy.

First, run a damp towel over the counter to eliminate the crumbs and food fragments.

Second, make a combination of warm water and green soap, all-purpose cleaner, or recipe soap, and tidy your countertop with a soft cloth.

Third, sanitize your kitchen area counter with vinegar. If after these actions there are still discolorations on your countertop, make a mixture of 3/4 support soda and also 1/4 warm water.

Use the blend to the stain and after 5 minutes you can wipe the mix with a soft towel as well as the stains will be gone.

Cleaning all-natural stone countertops

Do you have a natural stone countertop? Never ever use hostile cleaning agents, as they will certainly damage your countertop.

To cleanse your all-natural rock countertops, first, remove all crumbs and food deposits with a wet cloth.

Cleaning up an all-natural stone countertop is best done with a special natural rock cleaner.

Be well informed in a shop about the best cleanser for your countertop. Then comply with the directions on the bundle to cleanse your kitchen counters. Cleaning the kitchen

Cleaning up kitchen cabinets

Cleaning up the kitchen cabinets is easy. Make a combination of water and vinegar and utilize it to cleanse the whole within the cabinets.

Do not forget to clean up the outside and also the handles right away.

To make it much easier on yourself, you can place mats on all the planks, to make sure that next time you just have to clean up the mats instead of the slabs.

The gas oven gets filthy swiftly and also will therefore need to be cleaned after every dish. Cleaning a stainless-steel gas oven ought to never be performed with a scouring pad because this creates scratches.

There are two typical methods to cleanse your gas cooktop.

Mix lukewarm water with a little Easycleaner and also polish the range with a soft sponge or cloth

Leak or spray some Easycleaner on your gas stove and tidy the oven with a fiber towel

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