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Choosing the optimal type of air conditioner for your home

Air conditioners are among the most often found electrical appliances in U.S households. Several types of air conditioners are present in over 75% of houses. 

According to the US Department of Energy, air conditioners account for around 6% of total power generation in the country. When we translate this usage into monetary terms, we get a grand total of $29 billion.

Air conditioners and their importance

An air conditioner is a device that removes heat from a room and transports it outside to cool down the room. They are extremely useful at homes, at workplaces, at schools, and anyplace else where they are necessary.

Air conditioning systems are no longer a considerable luxury, but rather a need. Your air conditioner may improve the comfort of your house, as well as your health and overall well-being. It can accomplish far more than you might think if you optimally take it for maintenance and service at @acflo.

The air conditioning unit is a necessity of any home and consumes a significant portion of your must-have home appliance budget. Making the appropriate decision is important since it significantly affects your home’s cooling, comfort, and energy usage.

There are several sorts of air conditioners, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Types of Air conditioners

Let’s look at the different types of air conditioners available in the market so you can make an optimal selection for your future air conditioning system.

Specifically, there are eight different types of air conditioning units available on the market. Each type of air conditioner is made for a certain place and serves a specific purpose.

The following are the many types of air conditioners:

  1. Window,
  2. Central ,
  3. Portable ,
  4. Ductless ,
  5. Portable ,
  6. Smart ,
  7.  Hybrid/Dual Fuel, and
  8.  Geothermal Air conditioners.

Air Conditioning’s Benefits

The following are some of the obvious advantages of air conditioners:

  • Lowers Humidity,
  • Lowers Asthma and Allergies,
  • They can save your life,
  • Improves air quality,
  • Better Concentration and Mental Health,
  • More home security,
  • Lesser Insects and Parasites,
  • Safeguards your furniture and personal possessions,
  • Helps stop overheating of your electronics
  • Improves sleep quality,
  • Reduces stress,
  • Reduces noise, and
  • Gives a cooler environment for exercise and meditation.

Eminent factors to consider when selecting the type of AC for your place

Now that we’ve read about the many types of air conditioning systems on the market, it’s time to choose the ideal one for your home. The following are the most crucial factors to take into account:

  • Budget
  • Energy Consumption
  • Space Requirements & Maintenance
  • Cooling Power

Your budget is the most important consideration when choosing an air conditioning system for your house

The following is a budget-friendly rating of AC system types. From the bottom to the top:

  1. Window air conditioners and portable air conditioners are the economical solutions available. Keep in mind that these sorts of air conditioners can only chill a single room at a time.
  2. If you’re simply cooling one or two rooms, a ductless air conditioner or a mini-split air conditioner is a good option. If you choose to chill your entire home with a single ductless system, you’ll have to keep it running all of the time, which will increase your energy expenditures while also decreasing its efficacy.
  3. Smart air conditioners are somewhat more expensive than traditional air conditioners, depending on the kind (window, mini-split, or portable). However, they save energy and hence are less expensive to operate. Smart AC controllers, on the other hand, range in price from $70 to $120 and offer the same, and even more features.
  4. A central air conditioning unit is more expensive than the other forms of air conditioning, but it is also more successful. Additionally, these air conditioners have a longer lifespan than portable and window air conditioners. However, the ongoing costs of these are substantially higher.
  5. Although geothermal heating and cooling is the utmost expensive choice, it tends to pay for itself over time due to energy savings. When people compare to the other types of air conditioners on the market, geothermal systems are incomparable in terms of efficiency and performance. It is a strong belief and a claim by many that if you invest a lot of money on such a system, it will last you practically the rest of your life after installation.

The Use of Energy

Invest in an energy-efficient air conditioning system to help you save money on your power costs. The EER rating is another name for the energy efficiency ratio. It’s crucial to double-check so that the most cost-effective choice can be found. The system is more efficient if the rating is greater.

The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio is another roughly comparable statistic (SEER). The cooling output of a unit is divided by the total electric energy input during the same time period to determine its SEER rating.

Although the SEER rating may appear to be comparable to the EER, the distinction is that the SEER’s calculation is a base over a long cooling season at many temperature points, whereas the EER’s determination is at a single temperature point. The greater the SEER rating of a unit, the more energy-efficient it is.

Simplicity in maintenance and Space Requirements

If you want to prolong the life of your air conditioning machine, the simplicity of its maintenance is by far the most significant factor. Whether simple or unexpectedly complex, team of @acflo can always give satisfying maintenance services to you.

Whilst considering the ease of maintenance, always get an air conditioner that is appropriate for the size of your home.

In the market, there are several varieties and brands to choose from. Your choice depends on the amount of space you have, the budget you have set up, and the convenience of use and maintenance.

Cooling Ability

This criteria applies to any type of air conditioner you are considering purchasing, not only smart air conditioners. The measurement of cooling or heating capacity of an air conditioner is in British Thermal Units (BTUs). The more BTUs a unit possesses, the greater cooling or heating power it has.

The typical BTU capacity is from 6,000 to 12,000, which is sufficient for a standard-sized living room. You must get an air conditioner that is appropriate for the size of your room. This will ensure that the lesser amount of energy is consumed while providing the optimum amount of cooling or heating.

In case, if your heating or cooling system malfunction or do not work properly, reach out to @acflo for best repair and maintenance services anytime.

Maintenance of your Air conditioner is important

Installing and maintaining your air conditioner correctly will help you avoid costly breakdowns, enhance system efficiency, save energy bills, and extend the life of your equipment. 

To maintain maximum performance, expert AC installation and maintenance services from @acflo are recommended. Friendly, skilled experts here guarantee that your air conditioner is in good working order and provides cooling optimally to all parts of the room.

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