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Choosing Home Colors Based on Color Psychology | Home Building Cloverdale

A good color palette can bring a totally different feel to a newly-built home. Choosing an appropriate color scheme has a lot to do with an individual’s personality, and this is something not many people know. 

Therefore, if you’re having a hard time not knowing what colors to choose for your new home with home building company Cloverdale, then you should definitely make use of color psychology. After all, it is your space, and your space should reflect your own personality and should suit the purpose of the construction.

Not sure where to start?

Continue reading as we uncover how you can use different colors based on your personality:


One can never go wrong with white. 

White has the ability to make an area or space appear more clean, pure, and fresh than it actually might be. 

This is because the color itself promotes a cool and refreshing vibe. Also, the color white is able to make a space look more formal and grandeur. It can make any space look balanced, and could complement any furniture and surroundings. 

You can go for white no matter how grand or compact your home is. The best part is, the color white isn’t just a perfect option for the walls of your house, but would definitely go well on the cabinets, ceiling, and trims.


Most people view the color black as evil and sinister, a color that would emit negativity. But, what most people don’t know about this versatile color is that it actually reflects power, prestige, and elegance. 

If you’re an individual who is strong-willed and determined, then black is your to-go color. Using the color black on some of your walls would add a more dramatic effect to a space, and make it look more contemporary. 

This color would complement almost every piece of furniture and decoration you go for. However, you must remember not to overdo this hue, as painting all your walls black may promote a dull and gloomy feeling to any space. 

Also, you must consider adding adequate artificial lighting to that particular space, as the color black tends to absorb a considerable amount of light.


 There are numerous shades of browns you can choose from, and even use different shades of brown neutrals in one go. 

Brown is a natural and earthy color and is able to promote a feeling of peace, relaxation, and calmness to any space. 

Therefore, if you’re willing to bring a sense of security and contentment to your space, then you should definitely consider going for brown. Each shade of brown is able to bring a sophisticated feel to any area and luckily compliments various other colors. 


Red is one of the boldest colors to choose from. 

According to psychology, the color red is able to uplift people’s energy and evoke feelings of happiness and joy. 

Although red is one of the most intense colors you can go for, individuals feel rather lively and energized. 

This is why red is used to bring people closer together, and create happy memories. Also, this color easily grabs people’s attention instantly and would be ideal for using this color for the same purpose. 

For instance, if your area of space looks dull and mundane, just a pop of red would instantly uplift the whole area. Also, if you want people’s attention to be towards a specific area or object at your home. Then you should definitely consider red to do the job.


Yellow mimics the color of the sun, which itself is bright and warming. Therefore, yellow is seen to be an energizing color like red and is able to uplift people’s moods instantly. 

With a single pop of this color, you can easily evoke feelings of spring and joy in your space. 

According to color psychology, yellow also promotes feelings of happiness, optimism, and inspiration. Hence, because of this creativity-boosting property of this bright color. This color is ideal for studying rooms, art rooms, or anywhere where you want your creativity to pour in. 

The best part is, you can easily pair this hue with other colors in your home. Consider going for gray or white tones, and using yellow on a single wall. This pop of color will definitely bring the whole space to life.


Gray is another classic color you can choose for your home. Grays is an elegant and sophisticated color and promotes feelings of intelligence, uniqueness, and discipline. 

Gray is one color that promotes the feeling of richness and wealth. It is the perfect balance between black and white. Although too much gray can make a space appear dull and gloomy, using gray with combinations of other colors will help create a lively and inviting space.

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