Car Phone Holders: The Different Types and their Benefits

Driving is a very relaxing and unique experience. If you like it a lot, you may be familiar with a lot of roads. However, we can never be familiar with them all. Thus, the GPS on your phone is something you should be able to rely on. Additionally, cars today come equipped with systems to integrate your phone with the interface of the car. It allows you to perform different functions like play music, talk over calls, etc. If you’re someone who uses these facilities on the go, getting a phone stand for a car is recommended! But what are the different types of phone stands and how do they help you?

A Windshield Mount

Checking your phone from near your gearbox is a risky manoeuvre while driving. That’s why getting a windshield mount, makes sense for you. They are attached with a vacuum socket onto the windscreen of your car. Ithas twist-locks that are adjustable for phones of any shape and size. Offering 360-degree rotation, these mounts make for pretty handy accessories. You can keep your phone in place and use it while keeping your eyes on the road.

The phone stand for a car has a few variants. First type is one with a curved neck that has a cradle at the end of it. This helps to keep the phone upright and reduces the chances of it falling. Alternatively, you can also go for a twin-mount that’s capable of accommodating two phones at once. Check out leading online stores to find these mounts with ease. You can find high-quality mounts at quite affordable prices!

A Magnet Holder

This is a different type of mount for your car. Having a magnet in place of the twist-locks, give a very sleek and stylish look. The mount uses an extra-grip suction cup that can be mounted on the windscreen of your car. Its hand allows you to adjust the distance between 61 mm and 134 mm and allow a 220-degree of rotation. The magnetic port of the mount allows you to attach your home quickly and easily. Its magnet is extremely strong and prevents your phone from falling out. These mounts are simple to use and make for the best phone holder for a car in UK. Even though they are rare finds, these holders are available at the best stores online.

What’s the Benefit of a Phone Holder?

Except for holding your phone in a place, what else could possibly be the benefit of a phone holder? We’ve got just the answers you’re looking for right here:

  • The first benefit of a phone holder is GPS navigation. If you’re driving on unfamiliar roads, the GPS is your best friend. You can attach your phone to the holders and use Maps seamlessly on your phone. There’s no need to look away or down while checking for directions.
  • The second benefit following suit from the first is quite obvious. It causes fewer distractions. If your phone is kept on the seat beside you, or near the cup-holders in front of your gearbox, looking at it means looking away from the road. This may be risky while driving on highways and in cities. With a phone holder, the phone is right in front of your face. Whether you need to attend calls or check something important, you can do it while paying attention to the road.
  • If you’re a music buff, then phone holders are a great accessory to have. You can mount your phone and change the music according to your choice whenever you like! There’s no feeling like listening to your favourite songs while driving down the highway right?
  • Finally, a phone holder can be doubled down as a charging dock. You can mount your phone and connect the charging cable to it. It allows you to seamlessly charge your phone while driving.

We recommend you to get the best phone holder for a car in UK. You can check out the best online stores to find the unique designs that we’ve mentioned. They’re generally made out of high-quality materials with great functionality.  Go online and search for the best phone holders in the UK today!

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