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Can An Alaska Resident Apply For A Medical Marijuana Card?

Any Alaskan with the qualifying conditions such as cancer, PTSD, HIV/AIDS qualifies for the MMJ card application. But not all residents know how to get medical marijuana in Alaska. So, no worries, as we got you, we’re ready to appraise you with a quick way to apply for your medical card. 

Like California and other states, Alaska has legalized medical cannabis and an adult-use program. So, any Alaskan of over twenty-one (21) years can legally purchase, possess and consume weed in Alaska. 

Any cardholder will experience several benefits of having an MMJ card in whatever state you are in. Even in the conditions such as California, Colorado, and others where they allow rec-weed. The card enables the cardholder to acquire higher potency products in such states. 

But for Alaskans, you benefit from cheaper weed as these products can be pricey. But recently, the prices have started coming down as the number of growers has increased. And now, the demand does not exceed supply. 

Anyway, if you’re an Alaskan resident aged 18 years or older, you can start your MMJ card application. 

Let’s get started:

While most states have a list of qualifying conditions, Alaska has the least number. And this is their list:

  • Cancer
  • Glaucoma
  • Seizures
  • Severe nausea
  • Severe pain
  • Cachexia/Wasting syndrome
  • Persistent muscle spasms
  • MS

Before you find out how to get medical marijuana in Alaska, you must have one of the above conditions as per this state. Then a state-qualified physician must certify you with your qualifying illness. Your doctor must have previously examined you within 16 months. 

Make an appointment with your doctor

So, you find you have a qualifying disease, prepare your medical reports and take them with you for your consultation. And this will help your physician understand your condition better. After thorough analysis, he can determine if the weed treatment will benefit your treatment or not. 

Your appointment shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes. And after the consultation, your physician will provide you with a signed physician’s certification. 

Start your Application

After your appointment, you’re now ready to start filling in the required information and completing the application. Details to put include:

  • Your name
  • Mailing address
  • Physical address
  • Date of birth
  • Photo ID
  • State ID card or driver’s license
  • A copy of your doctor’s signed document

While these are the requirements for the applicant, other documents may include:

  • Your doctor’s name, address, and phone number.
  • Your address, phone number for your caregiver if applicable.
  • If the applicant is underage, he will need a parent or legal guardian’s written statement. 

Get your Card

Since you’re through with your card application, you have to wait for the processing, which usually takes up to five weeks. If everything is satisfactory, you’ll get your card through your mail. It will have a validity of one-year renewable a month before the expiration date.  

So, this is how to get medical marijuana in Alaska. If you’re an Alaskan, you need to follow these simple instructions if you qualify for it. 

But if you missed some crucial information, the state will deny your application. And if this happens, you can’t reapply immediately. You’ll have to wait for at least six months.

Ready to Purchase?

You can find over 100 licensed licenses in Alaska when you get your card. As you proceed to make your purchase, bring your ID, as businesses have to check it before selling the weed product as per Alaska law. 

Gram prices range from $12 and $20, and you can find updated prices online for most of the stores. 

What’s the Cost of the Alaska MMJ Card?

You’ll pay the state $25 for your application. And if you renew your expiring card in time, you’ll only pay $20 for renewal. But if you’re late to do this, you’ll have to pay like a new applicant. 

The physician’s consultation fee varies, but the approximate cost is $200 to $250. 

How Much Weed Can a Cardholder Possess in Alaska?

An Alaskan with an MMJ card can only purchase and possess up to one ounce of weed. Or you can buy up to 7 grams of this plant. 

As rec-weed is legalized in Alaska, anyone 21 years or older can purchase and carry it up to an ounce. And if you want to give it, you can do so and receive up to an ounce.

But you can’t have weed in certain places such as school compounds, national parks, and private properties. 

Although weed possession is legal, public consumption is not. So, if the authority catches you, you get a $100 fine. 

Can you Cultivate Weed in Alaska?

Alaskan adults can grow six cannabis plants at home, but only three can be mature at one time. And regardless of the people living in residence, you can’t have more than 12 plants in a dwelling with six flowering crops.

However, a quirk in the constitution suggests that private residence can cultivate up to 24 plants for personal use. And it also states that private homes get protection under the right to privacy. That’s part of the Alaskan Constitution which came about due to the Ravin v. State case of 1975. 

Is there a Reciprocity Agreement in Alaska?

No. Alaska does not accept out-of-state MMJ cards. 


Any Alaskan who feels the weed treatment can benefit his illness can apply for an MMJ card to access it. However, you have to follow the state’s guidelines, and we’ve shown you how to get medical marijuana in Alaska. 

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