Buffalo Leather Jacket – The History and Current Trend

For most people who love buffalo leather jackets, you’re always looking for the best one in town. The problem is, finding the right one might be next to impossible. This is because each company manufacturing authentic leather products comes up with their own version of a buffalo jacket. What’s more difficult is determining which one is really worth your money.

So here are some tips on what you need to look for in a buffalo leather jacket before shelling out your hard-earned cash.

How Buffalo Jacket Made

True buffalo leather jackets are made from genuine American buffalo hide. They are often dyed with pigments to make them look pretty. But the real stuff is leather that comes straight from the animal. The hides are collected and then prepared by hand. Buffalo is naturally oily so cowhide is easier to preserve and makes for a much softer and more comfortable buffalo leather jacket than the fake stuff.

Manufacturing process

A true buffalo leather jacket should have plenty of room for adding patches and other decorations. The stitching of a genuine cowhide garment should be solid. The dye used on a fake cowhide jacket will fade and become threadbare in a short period of time. If you want to preserve your buffalo hide garment, you should consider purchasing a garment that has been prepared and stitched by hand.

Like authentic cowhide jackets, they come in various colors. And just like authentic coats, you’ll find that these jackets can easily be dyed to match your wardrobe.

Buffalo Leather Jacket

Is Buffalo Jacket Expensive

While buffalo hide jackets offer many benefits, some disadvantages can outweigh them. One major disadvantage is that authentic buffalo hides are expensive. Unless you’re willing to invest in a new wardrobe altogether, you may not find a natural goat that will fit your size. It’s also illegal to export animals from the United States. If you were to sell one, it would have to be approved as a replica and sold on the black market.

Where To find Buffalo Leather Jacket

Because of their iconic status, buffalo leather jackets are quite hard to find. They are most commonly found in western-style clothing, especially among cowboys, skiers, and riding enthusiasts. You may also want to consider purchasing a custom-made buffalo leather jacket instead of buying one that you’ll regret. Even authentic jackets can be difficult to find. If you know of someone who’s had one for a long time, ask him if he could recommend a place where you can purchase one.

Buffalo Leather Jacket

Are Buffalo Leather jackets Are Handmade

Nothing says ” buffalo pride” and “American outdoors” more than the distinctive, rugged style of this leather jacket. Originally crafted from American buffalo hide, prized for their strength since the early days of our great plains tribes, this is truly the authentic buffalo leather jacket.

The leather is then washed with special enzymes that soften the hide and impart a unique cracked texture to it. These jackets are still hand-made by the western motorcycle communities in the U.S.A., and every year they are made even better!

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