Breaking Mental Health Stigma With Spying App For Android

My kid has been going through a rough patch after me and my husband decided to part ways. He did not see that coming and honestly, I don’t blame him as we were always alone at home. His father was mostly out of the country because of his job and other duties and it was more of an online relationship as we mostly talked on Skype. It was enough for him but I guess it was not for us. So when we informed him about the divorce he was shocked and did not take it well.

The first few months were quiet. We packed and moved back to my hometown. I was hoping that grandparent’s company will make him a little cheerful and help him get over this whole bad episode but I guess I was underestimating everything. In the new school, strange things started to happen as he was turning into a violent guy.

My dad told me he has seen him watching some awful clips on the internet and that’s when I knew that he is in severe depression and needs professional help. The last thing that I expected to happen was him being involved in a fistfight at school. That was the red flag and that is when I decided to seek professional help for him.  Thankfully I found a good therapist and in the first meeting, she told me to get a parental control app right away.  I followed her instructions and got the OgyMogy spying app for android.

If you are still living in the bubble of I trust my kid and we don’t need a parental control app then I am afraid your need to face the reality. The spy app can help you take care of your kid. It is your duty as a parent to assure their safety both online and offline. I am already distressed that I was unable to provide the best comfortable and normal home to my kid so now I am not compromising on anything onwards. The use of the spy app was the first step and am thankful that I took it.

OgyMogy: Spying App for Android:

OgyMogy has been a real helping hand and secret guarding angel for my kid as it reports me about things it could not have been known directly. One can keep the app secret from the kid if they want and that’s how this spying app technology helped me in fighting the mental health stigma fight in his school.

Protection From Bad Company:

Bad company can do worst when you are not feeling well or going through a rough patch. With the use of the spy app, I can know about the friends and company of the kid. The feature helped me a lot in his new school as I know what kind of people were approaching him or their vibes. One can listen to the random chat and discussion easily with the Mic bug feature.

Know The Facts:

Know the facts and don’t allow anyone to misuse the situation of your kid in any way possible. For example, some kids tried to beat him and when he defended in response they told the teacher that he attacked them. When on the other hand it was the opposite. With a camera, a bug feature parents can heave the pictures of the surrounding of the kid and that way prove about the activities.

Know When They are Felling Depressed Or Lonely:

Internet browsing history tells you a lot about the kid’s mindset. The search history can help your find your way out. OgyMogy spying app for android lets the parents know about the activities in detail.

Track any violent game app?

Parents can track any violent behavior or mood swings to installation or addiction to any violent game or app. OgyMogy notifies the target person’s activities in detail to the user.

Favorite Bar Hold Secrets:

Bookmark or favorite bar shows the website that arent most frequently visit. You can know about their mood or what in reality they are going through their interest and web content visitation.

Trigering Vidoes Alerts:

With youtube monitoring, features one can keep a check on the videos watched by the target. Any violent or triggering stuff is notified by the app to the user.

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