Best Ways of Transportation in Florida

Florida is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the USA. It has a reputation of a fun and party place, as well as a family-oriented resort. It can boast a great variety of landmarks and hundreds of kilometers of sandy beaches. There are a lot of museums and recreational spots, including theme parks to entertain the whole family. It attracts both local and international tourists that choose different means of transportation.

Air transportation

As the state is located on the peninsular and close to water, it makes sense that there are more than 100 public airports and airstrips. There are 7 medium and large air transportation hubs. This means of transport is extremely convenient for international tourists as far as Florida is home to large international airports that have connections to multiple international airports. Besides, this kind of transport is rather popular for domestic travel as far as it is quick and saves a lot of time. 


Driving around the state is easy as there are many interstates, state highways, and US Highways.  This is the way of transportation chosen by most for domestic travel and for family vacations. For international tourists, it is also easy to rent a car and drive around the state.

Florida car rental services are also popular with domestic travelers who arrive at the airports, but still want the freedom of car transportation. All airports have car rental services, e.g. Alamo car rental in Tampa FL. But do keep in mind that in Florida foreigners must have an international driving license. Of course, nowadays you can also use the rideshare app and get to the destination, usually, these companies require little to no waiting time and you can plan your trip efficiently. However, they are not available in all cities and may not go to your planned destination, plus they normally provide transportation within one city or city suburbs.

What is more, you will have to be flexible in terms of schedule and itinerary, so if that is not your option, then renting a car is probably the way to go. Especially it makes sense in a big city, rental car in Tampa, or any other city for that matter, will provide you comfort and save a lot of time.

Public transportation

You will find that public transportation is quite well represented in terms of variety. You can opt for bus service, railway or even water transport. There are shuttle buses to most destinations within the state of Florida, as well as interstate options. The advantage is obvious, and that is pricing. Normally you can expect relatively low fares in comparison to air travel and rental cars, and as a bonus, some companies offer entertainment on board. However, there is a number of disadvantages, and those include limited destinations, relatively less comfort, and having to adapt your trip to the fixed schedule of the bus.

The railroad service can boast the same advantages as the bus one, however, it is a bit more comfortable, it gives you an opportunity to stretch your legs walking around the carriage. An added bonus is the lack of traffic jams, though it still doesn’t always arrive on time. But it is even more limited in regards to places where it heads and the stops it makes, which in turn makes you even less flexible when planning a trip. Finally, water transportation is definitely the most romantic way to get around, however, it has fewer places where you can get to. Also, it has low speed and is highly reliant on the weather.

All in all, Florida is an exciting place to visit and it offers many opportunities for travelers to get around. Of course, there are some pros and cons to each mode of transport, the key is to weigh in the pluses and minuses and choose what is best suited to your needs.

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