Best Poker Memes That Made 2021 Stick Out

The year 2021 was a bleak year on multiple aspects and most of us, poker players, in particular, had no choice but to stick to our screens to make ends meet or indulge in virtual fun maybe playing BGMI mobile games.

In such difficult times, finding solace in memes about poker seems fitting, adding an extra touch of humor to our daily lives. Somehow, memes ruled the year and became a part of our routine. Whether it’s high-profile news, historical milestones, or minor legal dramas surrounding poker, such trolls have tried several ways to keep us engorged in the poker world. The world wide web is right behind the wheel, be it for information or memes.

The internet has blessed us to stay sane we can access the world’s top most entertainment fruits, BGMI mobile games, Online Poker, engage in virtual conversations and watch occasional live poker events from around the world.

When it comes to humour, in 2021, nothing escaped the wrath of Memelords. So it’s no surprise that there are now several fun poker memes tickling our funny bones. One of the closest gaming communities on the internet today is made up of both novice and professional poker game players. This has led to the explosion of some of the biggest poker memes out there. Here are a few you will dig for sure.

Best Poker Memes 

So it’s quite difficult to pick the top 5 poker memes, but we’re going to share the 5 that we think are the funniest. We’ll also be explaining each meme just in case newcomers to the world of free online poker game have decided to joind us today.


A pair of Queens in your pocket is always a beautiful sight. However, the game of poker is full of unexpected twists and turns and the Queen, no matter how strong she is, is still not as strong as the King or the Ace. So, when the flop shows a King or an Ace, you have to accept that someone already has a better hand than you, so your chances of winning the hand are greatly reduced, hence this meme.

The image of the queen comes from Murillo’s The Immaculate Conception, which is said to have been cleaned by a furniture restorer rather than an art restorer.

Master Oogway Your Way Back

If you enjoy playing free online poker game and tournaments, you’ve probably been in this situation before. Having just 15 big blinds isn’t much, which means it’s likely to be over very soon. Still, it’s enough to get you back into the game, and all you need is a good pocket hand to get started. Master Oogway, the popular teacher on Kung Fu Panda, has this iconic line in the film.

The irony is that Oogway is old and you don’t often hear older people say “my time has come”. Other 15 BB poker game players feel the same way when they get a glimmer of hope in the form of big hole cards.

Regular vs. Fun Player

The regular player on the left is bound by the rules and strategies that many regular players follow. The fun player on the right is a novice and wants to risk three 8-2 one-color bets against the suited. This is not something most experienced gamers will do

However, we must remember that poker game is a game of skill with an element of chance. So, it can be profitable from time to time to take calculated risks.

As you can see in the photo, the fun player wins thanks to three flop cards from the same set as the hole, which causes disappointment for the average player. He didn’t even know what a triple bet was. Lucky ignorance we guess.

It’s Still Something!

UTG means under the gun, which is the first position after the big blind. Free online Poker game players usually don’t like it because they will be the first to decide the bet. The pressure to take the first step makes it feel like someone is holding a gun to your forehead.

Having pocket missiles is tough. If you bet too much UTG money, everyone will give up. But there’s nothing worse than hiding your good cards and folding someone else’s. The irony of winning this type of hand is illustrated in the meme above.

PLOT Twists

Texas Hold’em players often know every detail of this type of poker. However, the second most popular type of poker is Omaha (or Pot-Limit Omaha, its most common form). Since the rules are slightly different, Texas Hold’em poker players often struggle to understand it, especially when it comes to betting, hence the meme above.

Honorable Mentions 

You know, some of the memes about Poker here may not be funny to you, but we find them funny because we’ve been through similar scenarios many times. Anyway, we would also like to share some great memes about poker that we’ve been keeping for the past few years. Let’s see them.

The Bad Beat 

The 007 franchise has never been known for its realism and reliability. We would encourage anyone to take a tip from the story of Le Chiffres Bad Pearls.

When You’re Not on the Same Page

I tell my girl I know the range of my buttons in it. She says I don’t know where the “button” is. Whatever it means.


‘One More Hand’ 

People usually say that time flies when you are having fun… But at least you can use the dark bags under your sleep-deprived eyes to your advantage.

poker meme pokerbaazi

Taking The More Adventurous Route 

Your mind is telling you that it’s time to give up and check. But your mouse finger wants to get stuck. You spend 14 seconds from your bank trying to cancel your crazy number for 15 seconds.

But it’s no use – he’s wearing pants in this.

It’s all in this game.

Classic Chuck 

Nope, never, Chuck Norris didn’t use captions.

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