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Best Insurance Company in Pakistan

Askari General Insurance company is the best insurance company in Pakistan! Here is what makes it the best among rest of the others:

Agico offers the Best Travel Insurance Plans in Pakistan

Agico is known for offering the best travel insurance plans that are flexible, affordable and suited to all your travel needs. Whether you are a frequent traveler or plan a single trip internationally, we have got you covered. Our single trip and multi trip travel insurance plans are as simple as our car insurance plans. Simply select the plan you prefer, by comparing the options available and enjoy peace of mind!

Types of Travel Insurance Plans

1. Annual Travel Insurance Plan

In case you are a frequent international traveler, you can get an annual travel insurance plan from Askari General Insurance plan which will cover your multiple trips. Askari General Insurance travel plans will keep you protected from financial losses in the case your trip is canceled or interrupted for reasons beyond your control, in case of baggage loss, theft etc

2. Single Trip Insurance Plan

Whether you’re going for a weekend away or the holiday of a lifetime, our single trip travel insurance is an ideal choice for your travel needs. Most people get our single trip insurance plan for a one-off holiday or short break because AGICOs’ travel insurance plans covers you well during your travel. But if you plan to travel twice or more in the same year, you should get our Multi trip travel insurance plan.

Getting travel insurance will give you protection of your travel money, your luggage and any unforeseen medical emergency overseas. Although selecting your travel insurance company depends majorly on the travel destination because different countries have different requirements.

Health Insurance Plans from Best Insurance Company

AGICO offers the widest range of health insurance plans for individuals and companies. Whether you want to purchase a health plan for your family, your loved ones, or you wish to get your employees covered, AGICO has got your covered through its different nature of health plans.

Types of Health Plans Best Insurance Company

Within health insurance plans, there are many options. Usually, many people get their health insurance from their employers. In that case, the type of plan and insurance premium is agreed between the company/employer and the insurance company. Some people also get health insurance for themselves and their families. In that case, the premium amount varies and may be different from others.

You can choose to get health insurance plans for your parents who have pre-existing medical conditions like cardiac problems, diabetes and cancer etc. You can have your health plans changes as per your needs. Health insurance plans are also available for your children’s secure education, for your employees as group health insurance plans and many other. Health insurance plans usually cover medical contingencies. Basically, these plans cover huge costs associated with medical treatments and give customers a financial relief in a medical or health crisis. Health insurance plans are available in different types which are mentioned below –
i. Individual health plan
ii. Family health plan
iii. Group health plan
iv. Employee medical insurance
v. Old age health plans
vi. Disease specific health plans
vii. Maternity health plans
viii. Cardiac and diabetes health plans
ix. Pre existing disease health plans
x. And so many other to choose

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