Artificial Grass Installation Cost and Maintenance

Deciding to replace your natural grass with artificial grass cost and maintenance at first glance. Still, suppose you consider the vast array of expenses associated with maintaining a natural lawn. In that case, you may be pleasantly surprised at the low initial costs and low monthly upkeep required. With just the initial costs and regular maintenance, an average 2,500 square foot naturally growing lawn will cost a minimum of $19, Ambrose estimates. A synthetic lawn, on the other hand, will require far less maintenance. With less labour needed, artificial grass cost’s will undoubtedly be much lower. Plus, synthetic grass is better for the environment as well, as it reduces the use of pesticides, reducing the amount of water used for irrigation.

Why does artificial turf cost so much less than a natural grass alternative?


Artificial grass requires little to no upkeep and can last for decades with minimal care and maintenance. In comparison, turf requires frequent application of fertilizer, insecticides, and regular cleaning and mowing. Synthetic turf also has the advantage of being available in a massive selection of colours and textures. This makes it easier to match a home’s design style.

Artificial grass cost also depends on whether you choose to have the professional installation done or install it yourself. Professional installation will ensure that the turf is installed correctly and will provide years of trouble-free service. A professional installation will also ensure that your artificial lawn is designed and manufactured with long-lasting durability.



Artificial grass installation is not inexpensive, however. Even the most minuscule yards can easily cost thousands of dollars. For this reason, many homeowners opt to install their artificial turf. But, even after considering all of the benefits and the overall cost, many homeowners still opt to hire professional installation companies. So how do artificial grass installation costs compare with installing natural grass?

When it comes to artificial turf installation and maintenance costs, homeowners are faced with two stark realities. One, the price can be significantly higher than the cost of installing natural grass. Two, once installed, there is virtually no maintenance. The installation crew can help homeowners keep their lawn looking fresh with regular fertilizer, water, and insecticide applications.

Artificial Grass Cost

Natural grass maintenance


Whether you decide to go with natural grass maintenance or fake grass installation, homeowners should be prepared for some extra money. If a homeowner installs natural grass, they will need to cover the entire length of the field. This means that each section of the artificial grass will require the application of fertilizer, watering, and chemicals. With a synthetic grass installation, homeowners will only have to worry about covering a smaller area of the field – which cuts back on the amount of maintenance required.

Even though synthetic grass requires much less maintenance, homeowners still need to apply a thin layer of fertilizer each month. Homeowners will need to rake up the grass each week to keep it from growing too fast. They will also need to apply a thin layer of silica sand, which protects the blades of the grass from drying out. This sand helps to prevent heat damage to the edges when they are not in use.

Square footage


Artificial turf installation costs are calculated on the average square footage. It is important to note that the cost varies greatly depending on the size of the field. Even the most minor artificial grass installation costs thousands of dollars. On the other hand, natural grass only costs about a few hundred dollars. Therefore, homeowners need to determine what works best for them and then factor in maintenance costs.


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