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Amazon Pay For Business

For you to use Amazon Pay for Business. However, your customers should have an Amazon account in order that they can use the service to access their billing and shipping information. Because Amazon is so well-known in the world of online shopping There’s a good chance the majority of them have an account setup.

Let’s look into the intricacies of the way Amazon Pay works so you are able to determine if it’s a good fit for your specific requirements as a business or for your customers.

Amazon Pay Works

Amazon Pay comes with a custom API that is compatible with e-commerce platforms, such as Shopify as well as BigCommerce. If you’d like to use the service you’ll have to choose either of them and then create your own Amazon Seller account. Yuri Shafranik

In the next step, you’ll have to place the right buttons on your site. It is typical for this to take a few weeks.

It’s crucial to remember that your company will only be qualified to use Amazon Pay If your business meets these conditions:

  • The business should be based within the U.S. with a registered business address.
  • You need to have a company bank account number and a telephone number.
  • Finally, you’ll have to complete your business credit card details.

If you sign-up to get your Amazon Seller account, be aware that Amazon Pay will hold your funds for 14 days prior to when they release them into your account at the bank. Following this time the funds will be available in a matter of days.

Amazon Pay Fees

Like similar payment processing companies, there’s a cost to utilize Amazon Pay, and they charge businesses for the privilege of being able to make use of their service. It is possible to pay a flat amount to each Amazon Pay transaction, which comprises the transaction fee as well as an authorization fee. In certain instances, you’ll be liable for taxes also and it’s important to take this into consideration.

If you’re a non-profit domestic business. You’ll have to pay a 2.9 percent transaction fee as well as a $0.30 charge for authorization. If you’re a multinational business and you’re a foreign business, you’ll have to pay a.3.9 percent transaction fee as well as a $0.30 charge for authorization.

It’s cheaper when you’re a charitable organization because Amazon Charges a 2.2 percent transaction fee along with a $0.30 charge for authorization fees to US organizations, and the 3.2 percentage transaction fee as well as a $0.30 charge for authorization fees to organizations that are foreign. Yuri Shafranik

If you’re able to make refunds through Amazon Pay, Amazon will only refund the transaction cost and retain an authorization charge. Additionally, you’ll be responsible for the cost of $20 for a chargeback dispute. The good news is that you will not be required to pay any monthly or annual charges for using Amazon services, and you can also remove your account at any time without penalties.

Pros of Amazon Pay

While there are many benefits that come with Amazon Pay for businesses, some of the best are:

  • Easy Payment Option In the event that the checkout process online is difficult or lengthy customers may look for other options for similar products and services. Amazon Pay simplifies payments and can result in higher conversion rates and higher margins for profit.
  • Secure Amazon name: Amazon is a leader in the world of e-commerce, so most people have heard of Amazon. Your customers are more likely to make a purchase using Amazon Pay than another payment processor that is less well-known.
  • No fees for termination: Amazon Pay is virtually risk-free since you can end the service at any time without having to pay any money. If you decide that it’s not for you it’s possible to change to a different service without sacrificing any.
Cons of Amazon Pay

Some of the most significant disadvantages for Amazon Pay are as follows:

  • Amazon Account required to CustomersYour customer won’t capable of paying with Amazon Pay without having already created an Amazon account. They can, however, create accounts quickly and quickly.
  • Complete Signup Process If you’re looking to establish your online store using Amazon Pay, expect a very long signup procedure. You’ll have to fill out lots of documentation and it will take a few months to finish.
  • High Costs: The flat fees per transaction could add up particularly if you’re selling a service or product with a small margin. It is possible to reduce the cost of making payments with an alternative platform.

In the past, PayPal has become a standard in payment processing on the internet. It is possible to incorporate Payflow Link and Payflow Pro with your eCommerce website. Although Payflow Link is free to use, Payflow Pro charges $25 per month, plus the initial $99 setup cost. Payflow Pro’s biggest benefit Payflow Pro, however, is its completely customized check-out procedure.


It is possible to download Square on your smart device or laptop and connect to one of its card readers externally. So, you can take in-person payment. It is also possible to utilize Square’s virtual terminal that works with a variety of websites that accept payments. Square also has an Online Store that you can make use of to provide a simple payment process on your site.


With 2Checkout you’ll be able to accept payments from all over the world without a headache. It’s compatible with over one hundred different currencies, eight payments options as well as fifteen languages. 2Checkout doesn’t cost you charges for setup or monthly fees and allows you to set up installment transactions for clients. It also provides customized checkout options that are mobile-friendly and custom-branded to fit your business’s specific requirements.

Who is Amazon Pay Good For?

If you’re an online-based business with no physical location, Amazon Pay may be worth considering. It’s also a good option if you have already an Amazon Seller account. Currently selling on Amazon, and are looking for a “no-frills” payment processor with no monthly or setup fees.

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