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Amazon Best Seller: Everything You Need to Know

The first step towards getting customers through an Amazon marketplace is to sell something people really would like. Although Amazon sellers have to contend with a myriad of variables that impact their success, selecting the right product is one of the most crucial.

Amazon offers a few basic tools to help identify which kinds of items are most loved by their customers. To learn more about the products that are most likely to earn you money on the marketplace, refer to those in the Amazon Best Seller rankings.

What is an Amazon Best Seller?

Amazon offers a list of best selling products on amazon that are categorized into categories. It is possible to browse a list of top 100 items in each of the top categories they’ve used to classify and also within the subcategories they’ve developed for each. 

For instance, you could see the top selling items within Toys and Games, or take a step deeper to view the top-rated products that are in Stuffed Animals or Toys.

On the page dedicated to each product on the website, you will find the product’s top seller ranking on the Product Information section of the page. It provides the item’s ranking in every relevant category and subcategory.

How Does the Amazon Best Sellers Rank Work?

Amazon’s top Sellers rankings examine both the amount of merchandise sold in a short period, and also previous sales statistics. The rankings are calculated in relation to products that are in the same group. The electronics section is evaluated by its performance in comparison to other electronic products but not against books or kitchen appliances.

If you observe a huge rise in sales of the product, but you do not see any significant shift in your rank it is likely that different products within the segment also saw higher sales.

How Do I Earn an Amazon Best Seller Badge?

The majority of Amazon buyers utilize the search bar instead of going to the Amazon Best Seller page when making a purchase. What are the ways these rankings impact sales? 

The Amazon Best Seller badge is an orange badge that appears in the upper right corner of the listing for the product and helps it stand out from other items in the results. It indicates to customers that other people have purchased your product which could increase their interest in it.

There’s not a way to earn the Amazon Best Seller Badge, it’s just a matter of selling the highest amount of items in your area. There are ways you can improve your chances of earning the badge.

  • Listing your products in subcategories that are relevant and broader categories. Achieving a top ranking for Cutting Boards is less competitive than securing that spot on the other categories, such as Kitchen and Dining. 
  • Optimize your listings. If your listings appear better in searches and you’ll be able to sell more.
  • Inspire customers to leave reviews. Reviews play a significant function in convincing people to purchase your product. Make sure that customers write reviews following each purchase.

While receiving the Amazon Best Seller Badge can definitely feel like an enormous achievement and can increase sales however, it shouldn’t be your principal target.

The rankings are constantly changing and the badge will likely have a tiny role the moment when people decide which products to buy. Be careful not to allow it to distract you from other goals including gaining higher rankings and receiving more reviews.

Is There a Better Way to Track Top-Selling Products on Amazon?

If you’re planning to use the Amazon Best Sellers Rank list to make decisions on the inventory you should stock and then sell, you might be disappointed by the results. While it offers insight on what people are buying, however, the speed of updates can make it difficult to determine which items are selling continuously over time.

This layout displays fifty items per page for each category, making it difficult to spot patterns at a larger scale. If you’re in a business that is serious about stocking many products and require large-scale, long-term analysis this isn’t the best choice.

You can get insights into how well certain products are selling and the amount you’re likely to make if you add the items in your collection. Another crucial aspect is to know whether or whether Amazon is itself an actual seller.

Instead of having to conduct hours of research and reloading the page, instead of having to reload the Sellers webpage, users can gain insight in a matter of minutes and receive updates on a regular basis.

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