Advantages and disadvantages of an online store on Prestashop

Your clients often ask you why need to you operate Prestashop? You can use this newsletter as a connection to give an explanation for to customers the exact means of the title: Pros and Cons of Building Online Store with Prestashop When Setting Up Online Store. This is the most effective opinion, but one which I hope will help dispel doubts about the decision-making process of users who will read this publish. Prestashop is take into consideration a universal platform for building any website.

The advantages of the usage of Prestashop CMS to create your internet site for online income are obvious. It is an open-source, e-commerce oriented CMS (content material management machine) which in its maximum preferred version gives the basic possibilities of an internet save nearly automatically. It also has a reasonably properly evolved content material manager, at the same time as nevertheless being pretty usable and accessible by the customer. At the same time, Prestashop is a tool that solves a few maximum commonplace wishes in a clean and agile manner, inclusive of billing logistics and page utilization, and conversion data.

Regarding the environment and the manner of coping with the database – they are quite simple and understandable using any improvement team, this is, it is less complicated to locate the manner to software or regulate the undertaking. But let’s be clear: taking a template, adapting it from the beginning to Prestashop, converting the emblem, and uploading the products with photographs will no longer attain our real goal, that is none apart from doing enterprise and promoting on-line.



You understand that no businesses are the identical, every with its very own characteristics, peculiarities and needs. Therefore, using a version, although its structure suits perfectly, is not enough if we do now not remember the fact that it’s far a world, in addition to target audience for every . It is likewise necessary to remember that maximum of the models are meant for the American person, who’s a good deal greater skill inside the online buying system, and we need to be aware that an American user and every other person are not a like and that they do have to now not be treat.




In tendencies, we continually generate online store designs no matter the CMS it’s miles going to be created on. When we create an internet store, we broaden an very own subject matter for this CMS, which allows us to make the most of the capacity of our on line marketing knowledge, and consequently of the opportunities of Prestashop itself. We consider that Prestashop is a good CMS, but it wishes a much wider optimization of its functioning depending on the niche it’s miles carried out to.

Benefits of an online store with Prestashop


  1. It is not overly complicate to install in its most basic version.
  2. The ability to customize CMS-oriented topics with an average workload.
  3. The control panel is pretty straightforward, although when setting up complex products I always prefer a custom CMS.
  4. Customization of modules possible with an average workload.
  5. Server required not excessively expensive.
  6. The possibility of SEO optimization.
  7. The standard business solution for standard products.
  8. The ability to achieve web performance optimization.
  9. Hundreds of Prestashop theme (Prestashop template) created by professionals and adapted to different business niches.
  10. Community and support. Lively and dynamic communities in all languages ​​are the strengths of Prestashop.

A network of licensed companion corporations, which let you optimize the technical aspect of your business, is an critical a part of Prestashop support. Choose the united states you need expertise and get the list of businesses. Prestashop also gives a useful weblog written from the beginning, from 2007 in which you’ll surely discover useful recommendations.

Disadvantages of an online shop with Prestashop


Most of the downsides shown underneath had been resolve within the contemporary Prestashop replace, the rest can be resolve by using customizing the Prestashop programming.


  1. Orientation to the sale of blogs, magazines, tips and tricks.
  2. Enough protection problems for a hacker to peer the league.
  3. For complicated multilingual, multi-forex and multi-logistics logistics strategies, operational manage will become complicated.
  4. The payment gateway modules, being static, generate mistakes with the reaction instances of the gateways. So that they must be check.
  5. Incidents are generate during operations on occasion due to the fact the gadget isn’t always ideal (maintaining inventory is complex).
  6. There is no popular connector to synchronize with ERP (business enterprise aid planning) gear such as Navision and others. Which calls for the improvement of custom connectors for this form of device.
  7. Unrecognized incidents inside the databases of extra than 10,000 merchandise slowing the functioning of e-trade.
  8. Creating a theme with a responsive layout that works is an advanced the front-give up programming technique and calls. For experts with in-intensity understanding of topic format. Changing a template isn’t always similar to developing a subject of your own.



Perhaps for many of you, online keep on Prestashop is a good option to recollect. It’s miles less expensive in its more well-known model. But ultimately it nevertheless has related fees for optimization and customization of the product. Mission.



You can inform us your own advantages and disadvantages of the use of Prestashop. Some say Prestashop is for designers who were once annoyed programmers, the reality is it is not like that. Creating an internet store with Prestashop is as complicated as growing a super personalized online save. It simplest hurries up a few processes.

Prestashop is mainly endorse for small and medium size online shops. The platform will become your reliable buddy and dependable companion – for decades to return. Unlike many on-line shop engines, Prestashop is loose and does no longer require maintaining a complete time programmer. This engine is very characteristic-rich, and if something unexpectedly goes lacking. You may always select some thing answers you like inside the market.

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