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Advanced Stretches For Lower Back Pain

Stretching For Lower Back Pain

Stretching is an important part of the healing process for those who are suffering from chronic lower back pain. By doing these stretches for lower back pain, you can get relief and keep it away in future if necessary because this will strengthen your spine to reduce any discomfort caused by tightness or injury! 

Before Stretching Tips

  1. Stretching should be a bit uncomfortable. If the pain from stretching is worse than what you’re already feeling, slow it down or work on your form.
  2. It’s important to stretch slowly and deliberately in order not to worsen the area you’re stretching. Don’t bounce while holding this position because it can harm your muscles or tendons, so take a goal with purpose!
  3. Inhale as you move into a stretch and exhale deeply. Let your body sink just enough with each breath so that the moment is comfortably held, then repeat this process again for optimal benefits!
  4. If you want a serious stretch, stay in the position for at least 15-30 seconds. This gives your muscles enough time to reap all of their benefits and allows them to get even more limber! Each repetition should take around this long so try four sets if possible.

If you’re experiencing lower back pain, the exercises that follow will help alleviate it. If your problem persists or gets worse after working through these exercises with a professional and knowledgeable health care provider then be sure to talk about options for treatment!

Knee To Chest Stretch

Get into a position where you are lying on your back with one leg flat against the ground and another bent at 90 degrees. Hold onto this knee with both hands, pulling it towards the chest while refraining from moving around too much or else risk causing injury!

Prayer Stretch

Lie down on the floor and tuck your legs underneath you. From this position, rest them so that they are in front of the chest with heels against bottom or buttocks as well. This is a safe exercise for stretching muscles lower back while at same time preventing any strain from occurring due to weight bearing exercises such as running up stairs etcetera.

Piriformis Stretch

Lie on your back with left leg extended and right foot crossed at chest. Align knee of bent right side to touch floor, then clasp hands behind both ankles for stability while simultaneously pushing against air from beneath abdomen (to lift). This modified version targets glutes.

Trunk Rotation

This exercise will help you stretch and strengthen your spine. Lie down on the floor with both knees up next to your chest in a ninety degree angle, then extend out one arm like sitting upright while rotating that side until it touches down as well for even more of an intense burn!

Pelvic Tilt

To find the optimum back stretch, start with your both knees on the floor and feet planted firmly. Keeping arms at side chest should be slightly pressing into hands for support as you arch away from lower rest to raise pelvis slightly off ground while tightening stomach muscles that press against abdomen pushing it down hard enough so there is no sliding or loss of balance – only occurs during movement! To return now simply repeat those same steps but in reverse order-knees bent first then lift up again until fully extended out straight behind.

Stretching is always important for any muscle or joint because it allows our bodies freedom within their range of motion while also increasing blood flow throughout your muscles by improving circulation. Above mentioned stretches for your lower back pain. Hopefully they will help some, but always listen to what your doctor says first!

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