A Guide on How to Choose the Right Kind of Laboratory Ducted Fume Hoods

Laboratory Ducted Fume Hoods With the ever-growing directions and possibilities in scientific fields, it is becoming more critical to invest in good laboratory devices and instruments. Hence, it is only through good research and understanding that you can find and get what is crucial for your lab. Recently, due to the over-use of hazardous chemicals and substances in biochemical labs, a diverse range of ventilators are being manufactured across the world.

It is hence important to guide the users towards buying the right variant for their specific use. In this article, you will have a complete guide on how to choose a laboratory ducted fume hood for your purpose. This will help you clear all your doubts and have a clear mind of what to get as your next buy.

Make a List of the Available Ducted Fume Hoods in your Location

This may sound not required at first, but this will help you decide your spectrum and choose from it as per your requirement. If you have authentic stores dedicated to laboratory instruments/devices near your location, drop by and get in touch with a store manager. Try to know the variants available and their specifications. 

Additionally, search online about the same and check if they are deliverable to your location. You should find the items that are deliverable and make a list out of them. In the end, you will have a diverse range of laboratory ducted fume hoods that you may select from according to your needs.

Be Clear on What you Want.

Now that you have your list ready, you should get started on deciding what your true requirements are. It helps to maintain the same list as before so that you can tally the available devices and make a choice. At first, decide the cause of your buy. If you have your own laboratory, you will need to answer a few questions related to the exact use of the ducted fume hood. 

For example, how huge is the workstation? How often will you be using the fume hood? What are the diverse categories (lethal, sub-lethal, non-lethal) of chemicals you will be using? Will you require more skilled and efficient fume hoods than normal ones? In what position will it be situated in your lab? Will you require customizations? Will it be moved to other labs or places in the future? 

This may take some time, but once you are clear about these queries, it will be a smooth journey from there. 

Tally your Needs with the Laboratory Ducted Fume Hoods Available in your Location

This is where all your hard work will pay you off. Once you know your exact requirements, all you need to do is tally them with the existing items on your list. You can easily solve this last equation provided you have already done the first two steps. 

For example, if you have to work with toxic chemicals 3-4 days a week, you will require ducted fume hoods, which are specially designed with additional resisting features (chemical fume, dust and particle removal, acid vapor evacuation, heat/moisture resistance, etc.). Similarly, if your lab has a large workstation, you will have to opt for a wider variant. Also, visibility is an important feature that should be checked in case you have to use it on a regular basis. Quite often, some variants fail to have clear visibility due to over-use of the fume hood, especially when using heavily toxic chemicals. You may also check if you will need additional customizable features to enhance its usage.

Consult an Expert for Suggestions

If you are from the scientific world, it will not be a problem to find lab experts who have much more knowledge than anyone else in this subject. Therefore, once you have done all your listings and selections, feel free to consult an expert and ask for suggestions. Many times, a lab expert can guide you to get some more specific features in your ducted fume hood which will not only help in your daily usage but will also enhance its longevity. 

Consulting an expert before making an official buy can save you in many ways. They will assist you in making the perfect buy based on your research nature and also advise you on the maintenance and check-up routines that should be followed after you have purchased the device. This means you don’t need to worry about its maintenance or servicing arrangements. With their help, you can do all that is required, by yourself and perhaps under supervision as well.


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