A Brief Knowledge about the Most Common Referencing Styles

Students should be aware of citing their sources for their research or thesis papers. Most of the students get tired while reaching the final destination of their paper writing: a citation. This article is for all students who are not aware of OSCOLA referencing generator free and other citation tools.

There are some popular referencing styles like AMA, MLA, APA, OSCOLA, Harvard, IEEE, etc. Every referencing style carries different features in the academic field.

  • What is referencing? 

Referencing is a particular style of acknowledging the writing resources applied in your thesis or research paper. Students must provide the original information and material belonging to another author.

While taking help from the writing pieces, you must be careful enough. It also defines your hardship towards your research work.

  • What is APA style?

APA or American Psychological Association is known for the popular referencing styles among professional authors, research workers and students. However, it is mainly used for social and behavioural science.

The main base of this referencing style is an author-date citation. The citation text includes the author and the year of publishing the book or journal entirely or partially in the bracket.

You will find two types of APA referencing.

One is the citation within the text of your thesis paper and the reference list at the end of your conclusion/summary. Here, you must use only the authors’ surname followed by a comma and the year of the publication date, including page, chapter and section numbers to be specific.

If you get your assignment topic in APA style for one of your degree courses, it’s good to ask your instructor questions like when you have to cite your sources in APA.

Just like you can avail OSCOLA referencing generator for free, you can also find the APA citation tool online.

  • What is MLA style?

MLA indicates Modern Language Association, which focuses on language and literature. This referencing style has been getting popular since mid 80s era.

MLA referencing can be used in various papers and subjects, but MLA format is often used for literature, liberal arts and humanities subjects.

  • What is OSCOLA referencing?

OSCOLA stands for Oxford University Standard for Citation. It provides clear citation information used in your paper to your reader.

The OSCOLA referencing style can be helpful when you are dealing with long pieces of academic content like thesis, research papers and dissertations. If you find it time-consuming, use OSCOLA referencing tool online, this is readily available.

  • What is the Chicago style referencing?  

Chicago style is based on the “author-date” format, so the citation in the text consists of the author name first and year of publication afterwards. If you want to be more specific, use page, chapter section names with a comma.


You should have comprehensive knowledge about these popular styles and online tools like the OSCOLA reference generator because it helps you carry excellent marks with less effort.

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