A brief history of the best quality hookah shisha pipe

A brief history of the best quality hookah shisha pipe. For centuries, hookah smoking has been seen as an art form that has been passed down from generation to generation throughout the Middle East. These water pipes were quite common in the 17th century, often found in coffee shops along the narrow streets of the region. Since that time, the hookah pipe, also known as a narghile or narghile, shisha supplier or glass, water pipe, and/or a hubble bubble (all depending on your position in the world), has inspired many great discussions.

Such topics included politics, religion, and everyday commonplace because the pipe place in the center of a gathering group and the attached hose moved from smoker to smoker, all while engaging in interesting conversations and sharing some good time.

It is believed that the first hookah pipe design was made from a coconut shell in India or Persia and then quickly spread to the rest of the Arab world. But it was in Turkey that the hookah give some finishing touches and its final form was found, which in fact has not changed at all in 350+ years.

When the twentieth century came

The hookah pipe was such a fashion icon that upper-class Turkish women photograph with their pipes, symbolizing a significant state of the process. Western artists have captured the essence of hookah by adding foreign images to their oriental paintings.

Hookah uses all five senses. First, it is visually interesting as a collectible part of the industry. Touch clear through pipe operation. The taste and smell satisfy by smoking and the audible ingredient is found in the roaring water. Such a combination is no less pleasing and relaxing to the public gathered around the world to take part in hookah smoking.

WY-SS07B small size stainless steel good quality hookah shisha pipe

Material: stainless steel+glass

Color:         silver

Height:       50cm

Weight: 4kg

Package: plain box

Place Of Origin: Guangzhou, China

Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, Western Union

Trade Terms:       EXW, FOB, CIF

MOQ:             300 pieces

Lead Time: 20-25 working days after deposit

Package Size: 58*58*41cm/4pcs

Product Description

 It is a glass and 304 stainless steel shisha hookah. Good quality 304 stainless steel shaft and charcoal tray, thick heavy glass water base. 

Product Details

 WY-SS07B stainless steel shisha

304 type stainless steel shisha hookah, good quality material. It uses a thread system to combine

with a glass bottle. The charcoal plate is stainless steel material as well, while the tobacco bowl is clay. This hookah especially has a diffuser(noise remover) downstream for leisure smoking. 

A brief history of the best quality hookah shisha pipe
A brief history of the best quality hookah shisha pipe

Packing & Shipping

 We use plain boxes to do the packing.

Single product package: 38.5*27.5*25.5cm/

Carton box size: 58*58*41cm/4pcs

Shipping: by air or sea

Did they smoke in the hookah pipe?

Shisha supplier(also called tombak, gouda, mosel, or shisha) were and still are the main choice of hookah smokers worldwide. This special blend of dark sheaf leaves, fruit pulp, molasses or honey, and glycerin contains only 0.5% nicotine and no tar. The flavor of the shisha enhance to include some interesting blends like banana split, cherry cola, double apple, and pina cool ladder. Classic favorites like watermelon, mango, French vanilla, and tropical pine will always be loyal followers. Many hookah smokers sometimes choose to add ice, fruit juice, milk, or even wine to the water at the base of the glass to change the composition, taste, or effect of the smoke.

In recent years there has been a growing demand for hookah pipes in the United States. With a new restaurant at MGM Grand in Las Vegas having hookah smoking lounges for gamblers who just want a break. Demand for hookah pipes has increased on both coasts. As clusters of hookah smokers can now foun in coastal cafes outside of California. As well as nightclubs in Chicago and South Beach.

Hookah pipe

The body of a hookah pipe has a curved vessel that holds water. A beautiful stem rises from the body and at the top of the stem is a bowl or lle that holds the tobacco. One to a more flexible hose. Mark, a mouthpiece, or ejaculate, in the end, use to lower the hookah smoke through the water. Hookah tobacco heat by charcoal and filters the water and cools the smoke. The water roars gently like a swamp stream and in the process soothes and cools the smoke. As well as nightclubs in Chicago and South Beach.

The word shisha, which is often another word for hookah, comes from Persian meaning glass or bottle. The culture of hookah and hookah smoking oft call hookah glass. Somewhat confusingly, at first, people also refer to hookah tobacco as shisha or hookah shisha and there is a shisha brand of hookah shisha!

Shisha originated in India, is popular in the Middle East, and is manufactured in China

As the biggest consumed country all over the world, we dedicate to creating a first-class Arab hookah brand to service Middle and high-end consumer groups. We do not only care for the shisha quality but also concentrate on different designs to customer’s demand.

Hookah pipe crafts have a world of history. The diction materials use to make hookahs were blown glass, often decorated with gold or enamel paintings, brass, aluminum, silver, porcelain, clay, carved stone, and wood and leather. All of these same materials use today, among others, with stainless steel, pyrex glass, plastic, rubber, and high-quality acrylics.

In restaurants and smoking lounges, individually wrapped, disposable plastic spokes are provided for each smoker. Hookah pipes and other tobacco products include hookah charcoal and metal hooks. We do not only care for the shisha quality but also concentrate on different designs to customer’s demand.

Some etiquette applies to smoking hookah pipes: water pipes are meant to be on the ground instead of a high table or shelf, with smokers sitting on cushions or low seats around it – although, in modern hookah lounges. They are often present at the table. Shared hookah pipes suppose to pass but set after smoking so that the next smoker can pick up the pipe at their leisure.

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