8 Amazing Hotel Promotion Ideas for Holiday

Holiday season is something everyone from guests to hotels look forward to. The festivities each year are memories to hold onto till the next holiday season. During this time hotels really need to gear up with creative hotel promotions ideas to capture the right guest attention. You need to get your hands on the right hotel suppliers such as D-ZEE Textiles to help meet the guest requirements according to the promotions you offer. This could mean getting pool towels for your indoor pools or jacuzzi and offer a family relaxation time to locals along with focusing on travelers.

We are here to help you with 8 amazing hotel promotion ideas for holiday season. We offer simply the best hotel promotions ideas to ensure you make the most during this time.

Hotel Promotions Ideas with Local Offices

Everyone has been working really hard but the pandemic has still not eased up for everyone. Many staff plans have been put to a halt since the outbreak of COVID-19. Partner up with the local office managements to give their employees a space to blow off some steam without them having to disrupt their budgets and life.

Special Holiday Season Performances

One of the best hotel promotions ideas is to center a special performance for everyone to enjoy. There are different plays and holiday musicals that happen at Broadway that everyone looks forward to; but not everyone is fortunate enough to actually go there for the experience. Though not at that level but you can plan something around it with your local theater company to be performed.

Live Bands and More

There are so many talented people looking for an opportunity to showcase their talent. You can give them that platform. Our of all the 8 amazing hotel promotion ideas for holidays; this idea doesn’t only promote them but puts you out there as an establishment that supports local talent. This resonates with the guests locally and those traveling.

Limited Addition Holiday Room Service Ideas

Bring out the holiday specials! There is always feedback regarding room service you have collected over the years but implementing them long-term doesn’t seem like a good idea. But adding them for a limited period of time as part of your hotel promotions ideas; doesn’t affect your standard hotel routine and your guests get some extra special services.

Special Thank You’s for Those Serving the Society

Armed forces, medical personnel, teachers, and other essential workers deserve something special after all the hard work they put in throughout the year. Promote special offers and discounts as a thank you for their service and let them know how appreciated they are.

Best Hotel Promotions Ideas is About Giving Back

There are so many people who have had it tough financially because of the pandemic. You can always find a way to raise funds to help around. You can also make deals where a percentage of each sale of a specific package is put towards helping the society.

Holiday Special Deals

Guests are always looking for the best packages to book their rooms at a more substantial rate. You can offer special holiday rates or create packages they would be happy to add while they stay with you.

Festive Eating

Your restaurant, café, bar, or all three of them are a great place to host travelers and local guests. By offering special holiday meals and deals, you can always add to the guest interest. This is one of the best hotel promotions ideas because everyone loves to eat; especially around everyone wants to make it even more festive. Add to their festivities with delicious foods and drinks.

 Apart from these 8 amazing hotel promotion ideas for holiday; what is your favorite hotel promotions ideas? Let us know in the comments below!


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