6 Common Problems That You Face With Tyre

Tyre create the only point of contact between the car and the road. It acts as the legs of the car and it is also responsible for a comfortable ride. Hence, taking good care of your tyres is essential to keep your cars running. Checking tyres frequently will help you to know if you need replacement of your tyres or not.

The Tyres Alhampton can tell you about the different problems that you will face with your tyres. You need to detect the problems before you face any accidents.

6 common problems of tyres

As tyres are used, they cause a lot of problems which need to be solved immediately to avoid any unwanted accidents. The problems can occur during any emergency brakes or any accident or just hitting a sidewall. Hence it is important to keep a check on your tyres all the time to keep your vehicle safe. Some of the common problems occurred in any type of tyres are as follows:

Crackling and bulging of tyres

You will find a lot of cracks and bulges in the tyres from hitting any pothole or the sidewalls of buildings. If the tyres are over or underinflated then crackling or bullying occurs a lot. It does not affect the tyres a lot but a crackling of tyres shows that the tyres are ageing.

Over and under-inflated tyres

If the tyres are overinflated they will not work properly as the inflated tyres will not make proper contact with the road and the tread width will increase hence creating a lot of stress. If the stress build is higher then the tyres can burst which can cause an accident on road.

On the other hand, having underinflated tyres can cause a high risk of understeer. It will make your ride very uncomfortable and it will be prone to high wear and tear. It also has a high risk of punctures. This can create a lot of problems.

Punctures and cuts

Cuts and punctures occur as a part of an accident on roads. Punctures can also occur due to overinflation or underinflation. Cuts on the road also occur due to sharp stones and broken glasses. Many tyres are efficient, sturdy and affordable.

Misalignment of tyres

If you observe that one side of the tyre has worn this phenomenon is known as camber wear. If your vehicle hits a wall or a curb the tyre wears out or the tyres get misaligned. You should never ignore this problem. It is one of the serious problems of the tyres and it can create a problem while you are trying to steer underinflated wheels. A misaligned object needs to be refitted or replaced immediately. It can reduce the tire’s traction and grip on the road.

Wear and tear

Wear and tear is a common problem in every tyre. It occurs all the time as the tyres get aged. Yet, it is important to inspect your tyre all the time to check the tread depth because if the depth becomes less than 1.6 mm then it has to be replaced immediately. Many governments have restrictions and they do not allow tread depth less than 1.6 mm. You need to replace your tyres before they reach the minimum depth. Hence you will have a safe and comfortable drive.

Emergency damages

Emergency damages can occur suddenly. It mainly occurs due to accidents or if your car hits any high pit hole or sidewalls. If you use the emergency brake, it can cause high wear. If you keep these damages aside, this can create deflection and marks of bad vehicle handling. So, if you have used an emergency brake, you should check your tyres immediately.

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