5 Ways to Assess Student Learning Online for better learning outcomes

5 Online Methods for Assessing Student Learning for Better Learning Outcomes

What are Learning Outcomes?

What is the purpose of assessments? 

How to identify the areas where the students are lacking? 

How to track academic progress?   

The standard practice in most schools has been to deliver lessons as per the curriculum and conclude the syllabus as soon as they could. Students that tend to lag receive less attention; in response to growing concern about this lax system, several initiatives have been created to address the major difficulties.

One of the primary goals is to employ strategic pedagogies to guarantee that class activities are relevant to the topic. Simultaneously, the teaching approach should include a student-friendly setting in which students are encouraged to ask numerous questions. Ensuring that active participation is maintained to measure the pace of engagement from each individual in the class. 

Because the old paper-pencil method is no longer valid in online learning, instructors must rely on new and improved student assessment tools.

Let us look at a few ways in which we can assess students during online learning : 


Discovering a student’s knowledge base before beginning any course topic is critical since it allows you to assess the student’s level.

A teacher can, for example, organize an exercise in which he or she asks important chapter questions before commencing a new chapter, which would not only pique students’ interest but also allow them to test their knowledge.

Pre-learning quizzes are commonly used at the beginning of a course; it is important to highlight that they should be fun and interactive. Rather than the typical q and a format, it should be done interactively. This will not only engage the learners but also serve to develop an interest in the subject matter. 

It should also be mentioned that after completing the course or chapter, quizzes can be administered to assess what they have learned thus far and the issues they have not grasped.


“It is better to argue an issue without deciding it than to decide a question without arguing it,” writes renowned French writer Joseph Joubert.

Why debates are important? 

Debates are a great way for students to express themselves about anything, but it is important to remember that they must be conducted with a certain level of decorum. At this point, the students could be swayed; what was supposed to be a logical and meaningful exchange of ideas could quickly devolve into a passionate debate.

To avoid such awkward circumstances, the teacher should keep an eye on the pupils’ actions and monitor the dialogue. Ground rules have to be declared before the starting of the debate. Activities such as these are a great way to inculcate learning outcomes such as the ability to express oneself clearly and conflict resolution. 


After the conclusion of any chapter or learning topic, instead of giving homework, it would be helpful to give the students a chance to reflect on what they have studied. Self-assessments help them to develop an understanding of what knowledge they have acquired so far. It also helps to figure out if they possess the skill to apply the knowledge practically. 

Precise Feedback 

Feedback after a test or class can assist students to identify areas where they need to work harder; on the other hand, teachers should provide appropriate feedback. Be it by highlighting their performance or by singling out the errors, the aim is to give timely guidance. 

Engaging classroom activities 

An innovative way to amp things up during online class is conducting a series of activities that would require active participation from each student. This is a chance to implement strategies that would serve to bolster the skills of the students naturally. For instance, learning outcomes require the learner to apply theoretical and practical knowledge to solve a problem. 

While solving speculative scenarios, the learner needs to draw several possible outcomes of an event that is to occur in the future. These activities help to develop decision-making skills, problem-solving skills, logical reasoning, analytical skill, etc. 

In conclusion

Strategies that are essential for enriched online learning, require smooth implementation, that could be accomplished via a learning management system. This allows any classroom activity to be completed without error.

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