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5 Types Of Eco-Friendly Bags You Must Know

Combat plastic pollution

The tranquility of the sea and the serenity of the warm water lapping your toes must be disturbed by plastic waste. 

The fight against plastic pollution is very important for the protection of nature. You can take small steps every day and make a big impact. By replacing your plastic packaging with other eco-friendly products, you can make an impressive impact.

The kraft paper bag is your ideal packaging solution when it comes to durability, versatility, and eco-friendliness. It’s perfect for handling trinkets, baked goods, luxury items, and a lot more. At Bagitan Packaging, we carry a wide range of paper bags for a variety of applications.

Cotton Paper bag packaging 

Cotton bags are perhaps one of the most common eco-friendly packaging options. These bags are lightweight, chic, and easy to touch. Cotton, if made wisely, can be a very eco-friendly choice, especially since these bags can be reused over a long period of time. These packages are economical and sturdy. Cotton packaging can undoubtedly replace your regular plastic grocery bags for staple foods, plus you don’t have to take them with you every time you make a trip to the store! 


Bamboo packaging bag

Bamboo bags are the ideal ordinary bags. They are sturdy, yet lightweight. These bags can carry large loads without breaking or losing their shape. Bamboo bags are completely biodegradable and can be used for a long time. These bags are also easy to clean, they also have normal anti-contagious and anti-bacterial properties. They are the best choice if you have something to say because these bags are rather unusual and require special skills to make! 


Hemp bags 

If you want to carry liquids, you don’t have to worry about spilling them through the bag! These backpacks are made from hemp, a very permeable material. Hemp is much more soil-resistant and durable than cotton in terms of texture. Plus, this backpack won’t get out of shape quickly, whether you’re carrying heavy things because it has exceptionally high rigidity. If you are not overly interested in the look of hemp backpacks, there are other options. Hemp fabric can be combined with silk or cotton to make strong and stylish bags.

The tranquility of the sea and the serenity of the warm water lapping your toes must be disturbed by plastic waste. 

Jute bags

Jute is perhaps one of the most ecologically safe options available. It is tear-resistant and has a much higher strength than paper or plastic. That means it can carry much more weight than either of those materials. And if you plan on transporting hot food, this is the best choice! Jute has amazing protective properties. These bags are fully compostable, which means they will completely decompose if left in the ground without harming the soil. 

Combat plastic pollution

Paper bags 

Paper bags have become a colossal pattern in recent times. Unlike plastic bags, they are a valuable and sturdy alternative. Of course, when we talk about eco-friendly packaging, it means that they can be reused and are generally biodegradable as well. Paper bags are in fact very safe to use. They can generally withstand more weight than their plastic counterparts. Using this packaging can also significantly reduce plastic pollution in the ocean. Moreover, you don’t have to worry when your children are around them because they don’t pose any respiratory hazards. Finally, they are not a burden on your wallet if you want to switch.





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