5 Tips For A Fun-Filled Valentine’s Photo Shoot This 2022

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They say February is the month for lovers. It’s the month when couples proudly raise their flags to celebrate their love and appreciation. Among all twelve months of the year, February is one of their most anticipated months. After all, it’s the best time for anyone to proudly express their sentiments and love to their significant other.

I also believe that Valentine’s Day is not exclusive to lovers only. Families and friends also take this opportunity to reconnect and bond. Some bond over food; some via gift-giving; others prefer to travel. Aside from those three, people also love to document the special day via photoshoots. 

A lot of people go to photo printing shops to have a professional photoshoot. Others love to go beyond by dressing up and going to a special place for their photos. They say photos are the best way to relive a moment in your life. That’s why capturing and dressing up for Valentine’s Day is not only fun but special, too.

If you’re also planning to have a photoshoot this Valentine’s Day, here are some tips to make yours a fun one. 


1. Set the mood right and radiate good vibes.

First, let’s start by setting the mood right. If you and your partner had a conflict the other night, I’d suggest talking it out before anything else. Before you push through with the photo shoot, make sure that the air is clear. The same goes for families and friends. If you have any unfinished business or miscommunication, fix it first before leaving for the shoot.

Set the mood right the moment you wake up. Try to radiate positive energy as much as you can. It’s best if you leave the house happy and worry-free. Your day will surely be a fun one if both you and your lover (or your family and friends) are in the same bright frequency. 


2. Decide on a theme, but don’t let it ruin the fun.

One of the fun parts of a photoshoot is dressing up. But sometimes, it can be hard to decide on a theme. Worse is that the decision-making process can ruin the mood. With that, if you can’t seem to think or decide on a specific theme, that’s okay.

I know that you might feel a little pressure, ‌especially if it’s your first time. But, if you can’t seem to think of a theme, remind yourself that it’s okay. You’re not obliged to dress up or make your photos seem as aesthetically pleasing as the ones you see online. The important thing is that you and your lover, family, or friends will have fun.

Those photos are yours to cherish anyway. It’s better to have a good, fun memory behind a photo than a pretty one without any fun moments to look back to. 


3. Go back in time by recreating your “firsts.”

My third tip is more for couples. If you want to surprise your partner, one fun thing that you can do is to recreate your look on the first day that you met. You can also plan a mini surprise during your photoshoot. Just advise your photographer to capture every candid moment so you can look back on your partner’s unfiltered reaction.

You can also tell your partner to recreate their look during your first date. Or you can both agree to dress up as any of your “firsts” special moments. To make it more fun, neither of you should know what the other is recreating. Have the photographer capture both of your reactions the moment you see each other with your recreations. 


4. Breathe in, have a little sip, and release the tension in your shoulders.

This fourth tip is more for first-timers. It can be a little uncomfortable posing in front of a stranger. Especially if it’s your first photoshoot. If you ever feel this way, take a deep breath and remind yourself that the photo shoot is meant to be fun.

In correlation with tip number two, don’t let your emotions hinder you from enjoying the photoshoot. If you notice that your partner, family member, or friend is uncomfortable, help them to lighten up. Even those who’ve had numerous shoots also feel the same way at times as well. So, save those feelings for another day because you’re meant to enjoy yourself at the shoot. 


5. Don’t be afraid to be too informal in your shoot. Be as quirky as you want to be. 

Formal shoots are nice. But, funny and quirky poses are better. Also, who told you that you need to be formal, anyways? If you and your partner have some secret languages or inside jokes, don’t be afraid to pose them. 

Likely, your photographer would also prefer photographing a happy and quirky couple, family, and group of friends than a timid and uncomfortable one. Don’t be afraid to show off your fun side, too. Whatever secret language or inside jokes you and your lover have, flaunt it. Remember, it’s your photoshoot to enjoy, cherish, and look back to in the future.


Give it your best smile, pose like it’s your last, and enjoy your Valentine’s Day photoshoot.

There you have it. These are the five tips that I can share to help you enjoy your shoot. We all know how hard the last two years were. This time, allow yourself to drift from your worries and smile it away in your Valentine’s Day shoot. 

Take this opportunity to reconnect, bond, and enjoy yourselves this Valentine’s. Let’s not only share love, but good vibes, waves of laughter, and sincerity, too. This coming Valentine’s Day, be ready to give it your best smile. Pose like it’s your last and enjoy the wholesomeness and rawness of your photoshoot. 


About the author:

Bianca Banda is a writer for DS Colour Labs Ltd (DSCL), a professional photography lab that offers a vast range of products and services for photo and print needs.

Bianca Banda

Bianca Banda is an ardent writer, aiming to share helpful information and ideas effectively and engagingly.

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