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4 Hidden Features of Telegram That You Must Know!

4 Hidden Features of Telegram that You Must Know! – If you are a regular Telegram user, you may already be familiar with its unique and interesting features. There are several things that distinguish the Telegram application from other online chat or messaging applications such as WhatsApp or Line.

Starting from the latest security system, exciting game features, and even secret messages that will be suitable for those of you who are afraid to chat with other people. Telegram has all the features you would ever need for an enjoyable chat experience.

However, there are hidden features of Telegram which are equally interesting and will be very useful for you. As previously mentioned, in addition to the unique features that you may already know, there are also hidden features of Telegram that until now not many people know about.

Curious? This time, Ideavone has summarized the article on 4 hidden features of Telegram. Therefore, don’t forget to read to the end, OK! Hopefully this article can be useful for you later.

4 Hidden Features of Telegram

Find New Friends By Location

If you want to expand your network and make new friends on the internet, it would be great if you use the search for people by location feature. This hidden feature of Telegram allows users to find new groups and friends in various places around them.

However, users and groups must also be easily discoverable when using this feature. To use this feature, you can go to the Contacts tab and grant location permission when prompted.

It’s pretty easy, right? If you need someone to accompany you to chat, just activate this feature.

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Using the Slow Mode Feature to Manage Incoming Messages to Groups

If you are familiar with Telegram groups, you probably know that Telegram allows users to add up to 200,000 group members. Of course, you can imagine how many messages a group can receive per day with this feature.

Therefore, to prevent users from being overwhelmed, there is a hidden feature of Telegram which has an option to set it to slow mode. This feature is a unique feature that allows group members to schedule a specific time before sending the next message to the group.

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To be able to enable this feature, you simply go to the group you are in and then click Edit > Permissions. Then simply select the desired period at the bottom of the page. This feature will certainly allow a group admin to manage the group more efficiently while providing usability.

Missed a Meeting? Relax, You Can Record It!

We all know that the COVID-19 situation around the world is getting better, but you may still be in a Work From Home situation, or you may be too skeptical to leave and hang up often enough to leave again due to too many online meetings.

In addition to the many commonly used online meeting platforms such as Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams, you can also host online meetings via Telegram. In fact, not only can you schedule online meetings via Telegram groups, but you can also record meeting recordings and send them to all your friends or colleagues.

The method used is very simple. You can simply use this option by clicking on the “chat” button and clicking on the microphone icon. Before using this feature, you need to make sure that you have given the Telegram app permission to send photos and videos.

Telegram Private Channel Features

To prevent losing important data about yourself, there is also a hidden feature of Telegram which offers a unique feature that cannot be found in other messaging apps, namely creating a private channel that can be personalized.

As you know, Telegram has a channel feature which allows its users to share information with anyone without receiving a response from the channel’s subscribers. These channels are generally available to everyone.

However, if for example you want a feature to store important data or messages, then this feature is perfect for you. What are you waiting for? You can start to apply the above features on your Telegram!

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