3 Tricks to change the future of your Custom Cosmetic Boxes Business.

Every woman loves to use custom cosmetic boxes. There are various cosmetic boxes out there that are getting famous day by day. The cosmetic products trend has touched the heights of the world. In the market, there are various cosmetics categories available such as lotions, creams, lipsticks, lip balms, mascaras, eyeliners, etc.

These all cosmetics require unique and elegant packaging. There are numerous packaging companies out there that offer the best cosmetic boxes. You can hire the one according to your choice.

The following are five tricks that can adapt to change the future of your cosmetic boxes business:

Choose a Durable Packaging Material

Material is the most crucial tool to change the outlook of your custom cosmetic packaging. Without the selection of good material, you cannot create any difference. There are various brands available in the market to take an example from. Have you seen the mac cosmetic boxes? There all cosmetics are nicely packaged in a high-quality cardstock box.

So, always opt for sustainable options. In the market, the eco-friendly packaging trend is going on. The following are some of the awe-inspiring materials which can have from the market:

  • Kraft Material Box
  • Corrugated Material Box
  • Cardstock Material Box
  • Rigid Material Box

From these above-listed materials, the kraft material is the most sustainable one and biodegradable as well. So, don’t go for having plastic packaging as it can enormously damage the earth’s environment. Hence, biodegradable boxes are the best option.

Specify your material qualities on the cosmetic boxes

By just holding your cosmetic boxes your customers will never know the quality of your custom cosmetic packaging. So, that’s why you have to specify the quality of your cosmetic boxes on the box. For instance, you can specify on the box that your box is biodegradable. How you can type it in a unique way?

You can simply draw a circle and add the biodegradable within in green color. Moreover, you can also add the Mobius loop on the packaging which shows that your box can be recycled. This information will create a very nice impression on the people.

Embellish your cosmetic box packaging with elegant features

Your brand cannot get famous by just simple packaging. For this purpose, you have to come up with some innovative designs to make your brand famous. You can decorate the outer packaging of your cosmetics by adding product details, the logo of your brand, expiry date, etc.

If you want to have a deep idea about the custom cosmetic box packaging read the following details:


The logo is an essential component of your brand. Without the inclusion of the logo your product cannot get ready to be exhibited within the market. So, that’s why you have to illustrate your logo to create a huge difference. Initially just think about the concept your brand carries, then draft the various concepts that come to your mind.

After this drafting process now just think of drawing your logo in vector form. Make sure that your logo properly conveys the subject of your brand. If your logo will lack to convey the subject of your brand then it will look vague.

After drawing the draft within the vector software, you can ask for feedback on the logo from your team. If there are any changes then refine the logo after feedback. After this, your logo is best to get exhibited on your boxes.

Name of your Cosmetic Products

To specify the name of your product in the most enticing manner. If your product carries the formulation of herbal ingredients, then you can name your product range as “Beautanicals” to make it look different. Further, you can write the name of the product such as “Hair smoothing Conditioner” then specify the purpose: ‘Makes hair silky shiny’

So, by reading all the details written on the front side of the box your customers will know that your product is expressive in terms of spreading the relative knowledge.

Ingredients list

Any cosmetic product without the specification of the ingredients is useless. You have to specify the formulated ingredients on the cosmetic box. If you have seen in the market that the famous cosmetic brands as Mac, charlotte tilbury, Estée lauder, etc. have beautiful packaging and a nice ingredient list is always defined on their boxes.

But all the ingredients written in paragraph form seem to be really boring and carry a hard work for the user to read ingredients in such small font size.

So, to break this tedious feel you have to mention your major ingredients with the help of infographics. For instance, if your product carries berries extract then you can create an infographic of berries and add the name of the berry ingredient below it. Like this, your customers don’t have to spend a lot of time reading the ingredients and by just seeing the picture they can know what ingredients the custom cosmetic boxes carry.

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