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15 Rappers: How They Got Their Names?

How 15 Rappers Got Their Names?

We’ve all likely asked our folks, at some point, how we got our names. We’ve likewise presumably seen the name of a rapper and figured, “How could they get their name?” While a couple of names are quite obvious, others require a more significant assessment. 

This is the way these 15 rappers got their names.

  • Post Malone

You can acknowledge the web for giving Austin Richard Post his stage name. ‘I ran [my genuine name] through a rap name generator,’ he told TMZ, among different outlets. Post Malone was what came out.


  • YBN Nahmir

The initial segment of the Alabama rapper name owes to his group: Young Boss N***as. Nahmir, he’s clarified in interviews, was enlivened by siblings named Nassir and Shamir he met through gaming. ‘They generally dealt with me like the little brother, so I was very much like, ‘I need to resemble this n***as,” he told Complex. To this end, he joined their names to frame his.


  • Wifisfuneral

Wifisfuneral went through a progression of monikers before he showed up at his present name. There was Mozart LaFlare when he was essential for a ‘wack-ass f**king bunch,’ he told Complex’s Pigeons and Planes. Then, at that point, there was Izzy Kills, the principal half of which was roused by his administration name, Isaiah. Wifisfuneral just hit him one morning. ‘I resembled, ‘Gracious, this sort of sounds cool.”


  • Kodak Black

The craftsman who conceived Dieuson Octave has claimed that his stage name owes to the way that he remains blazing. Yet, as he told Passion of the Weiss, it really originates from a youth epithet, Lil Black. Kodak Black turned into his IG handle. ‘At the point when I began rapping, they preferred that name better,’ said Kodak, who’s at present confronting a progression of upsetting charges.


  • Lil Uzi Vert

‘I was rapping one day, and some person resembled, ‘Man, you rap quick, man—like an automatic weapon, similar to a little Uzi or something,’ the rapper Symere Woods told ‘Energy.’ ‘Vert,’ he told E!, really started things out. ‘It was, similar to, vertical—like, straight up.’


  • Cardi B

The Bronx local has a sister named Hennessy, along these lines, normally, her nickname became Bacardi, which she adjusted for her Instagram name. At the point when that turned into an issue—maybe, she told Jimmy Fallon, because of the alcohol brand—she sliced her moniker down to Cardi B.


  • Lil Yachty

In secondary school, Miles McCollum was essential for a gathering called the Yacht Club. ‘They were all, similar to, significantly more seasoned than me,’ he told Hot 97, ‘and I was somewhat the child, so I just called myself Lil Yachty.’


  • XXXTentacion

XXXTentacion’s name might be difficult to articulate, however, its importance is direct. X means the obscure, while ‘tentacion’ is Spanish for temptation. ‘XXXTentacion implies obscure enticement,’ he told Miami’s 103.5 The Beat. The Florida rapper is confronting a reiteration of charges, including the bothered battery of a pregnant lady and various counts of witness altering.


  • Ski Mask the Slump God

Ski Mask, the rapper told ‘XXL,’ is ‘in a real sense a big motivator for it: using any and all means, regardless of whether it’s a quick way or the sluggish way.’ ‘Droop God’ is a result of Ski’s previous Xanax use. ‘I don’t take Xanax any longer, however, that certainly was a variable at that point.’


  • Lil Xan

Diego Leanos was named Lil Xan by a companion utilization of his namesake drug. From that point forward, however, he’s surrendered Xanax, and he calls ‘Xanarchy’ a development against it. At last, he’d very much prefer to be known by his first name.


  • Rich Brian

In 2015, Brian Imanuel began delivering music on YouTube under the name Rich Chigga. At the point when the humorous ‘Dat $tick’ exploded the next year, his name drew debate. He communicated lament thereafter and became Rich Brian at the highest point of 2018.


  • YoungBoy Never Broke Again

Kentrell DeSean Gaulden started his rap vocation as NBA YoungBoy, the initial segment of which meant ‘Never Broke Again.’ A cousin thought of it, and he went for it—until he began passing by YoungBoy Never Broke Again, a nameless man inclined to draw copyright suits. He burned through the majority of March secured on irritated attack and abducting charges before he was liberated on $75,000 bail.


  • 6lack

6lack (articulated ‘dark’) was a name Ricardo Valdez Valentine got in center school. The 6 became an integral factor since he experienced childhood in Atlanta’s Zone 6 and was brought into the world in June, the 6th month of the year. ‘What’s more dark was simply consistently the shading that I was wearing,’ he told D.C’s. 93.9 WKYS. ‘It was a basic name from the start. It had various implications as I got more seasoned, and I just stayed with it.’


  • Pusha T

Terrence Thornton has said that Pharrell gave him the name Pusha before his rapping days when he’d be in and out of the studio, taking care of business. On ‘Good times TV,’ from Clipse’s ‘Ruler Willin” debut, Pusha clarified that the T represents a ‘huge load of that s**t that makes ya nose run.’


  • Gucci Mane

Radric Davis deified the name Gucci Mane, however, it was his granddad, James Dudley Sr., who initially acquired the epithet Gucci when he became hopelessly enamored with the brand while serving in Italy during WWII. He gave the name to a nephew, who gave it to a cousin. That cousin was Gucci’s father, Ralph, who turned into the ‘Gucci Man,’ Gucci wrote in his 2017 journal.


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